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First of all, Hi to everyone on this forum. I am very new to the computer world so please be kind to me. In just a real short time of getting familiar with my computer, I find out about y2k! So, I have been reading this forum almost every night and feel like you are my friends and therefore I am comforted by what you share about your own feelings and what you are going through. My questions are these and please forgive me if they have been asked before but I can only look back so far. How much food is enough to stock up? I was driving around today with enough groceries to feed a small army! Cash? How much and in what denominations? Where do I go for a generator and how much should I be charged for one? Lately I wonder if I am know what the heck I am doing! We have never really eaten a lot of canned foods since I like to cook a lot and prepare it fresh, so I find myself just putting anything edible and with a long shelf life in the basket. It's probably my imagination, but I feel like the clerks know what I am doing when I am loading up on everything, and if I said because of y2k (if they asked) they might think that I am a lunatic! I priced propane stoves and lanterns today and felt like the clerk knew since she was very "unhelpfull". Is what I am feeling common with any of you or am I just struggling with y2k syndrome? Maybe even guilt because I know and perhaps they don't and I should warn them. You know that I am convinced that very bizarre things are down the road for all of us, but would I feel that way if there was another forum and all that it had on it was possitive comments (perhaps lies is the right word) saying that everything will be okay , not to worry. Would I believe that? I am sure that I would seriously have my doubts. Well, thanks for listening. If you see a blonde lady driving around in a car filled to the brim with groceries, that just might be me! Trying to cope, but glad that I have hope and faith in the Lord, my rock. Blondie

-- Blondie Marie (, September 11, 1998


Don't drive the car so much, it wastes fuel.

Slow down a little, you're doing fine by learning first, thinking and preparing. (At least we think this thing is going to be on schedule, "they" are working on a few schemes to rotate the earth backwards and gain a few days, but they haven't tested it yet. Seems there are a few bugs to work out first.)

Seriously, use your server to review the previous threads. Fastest way is to use the "back" button frequently to go "up" back to Yourdan's home, then pick another thread. Print the ones you want to discuss later, or save to take shopping. Read. Read some more. Then Don't panic. (You can panic later if you wish.)

Many of your questions above have been answered, but don't assume that the answers are going to work for you and your family. For example, check out "non survival items thread", and others like it. What is your church doing thread? has info. Finance and "how much" depends on how you feel you sit about the world. Read ALL the "Let's define terms" and "look in the mirror" pieces. (Then you can start worrying.)

Keep your head up, you'll do fine.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 11, 1998.

Hi Blondie- Don't worry - the sales clerk probably just thinks you have a lot of kids. I have five, so I ALWAYS drive around with my car brimming with groceries.

How much food? Well, the Mormom church has always advocated to its members that every household should have a year's supply of food stored. I read a post from a lady somewhere who said that she made up a typical shopping list, (I think she does the big trip every 2 wks) and copied it, and then starts buying extras as she shops from that list. When one list is all checked off, she knows she has about 2 wks of food stored. When I read her, she was up to about 6 months. Generators I'm not good with - sorry. My husband says Honda but that's ALL he says - no help there. Warm clothes for everyone in your family, depending on where you live, and sleeping bags. You say you eat a lot of fresh food - you may want to look at They have been teaching people how to grow food in small spaces in urban areas for 20 years. Re: the emotional aspects, I would also like to recommend the site People process information differently from person to person but what you're feeling is what everyone passes through, I bet. That site can help you and give you some practical tips AND some support as well. Above all, try not to feel like you're doing anything criminal or unethical or anything. If you feel called to help alert your community, there is a site called the Cassandra Project (sorry, I can't remember the address to that one but someone here will know) that talks about how to work with Community Preparedness Projects.

You're OK. You're not alone, my friend.

Melissa - from Iowa

-- Melissa (, September 11, 1998.


Be not afraid, awareness has yet to hit the mainstream. Me and the Mrs. hit the Winn Dixie (love that name) grocery store last night. Heard through the (thin) grapevine that canned veggies where 25 cents a can.

Bagboy: "Did you leave anything on the shelves for anyone else?"

My only suggestion, alternate stores, and hit 'em big during sales. Oh, and do not buy that freeze dried crap, you will never eat it, should the "no big dealers" scenario prevail.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 11, 1998.

Uncle Deedah I am ROFL!! Best laugh I've had all week! Winn-Dixie! Never thought about the name before. Take that all of you Yankees. :-)

-- Gayla Dunbar in TX (, September 11, 1998.

Welcome, Blondie,

The first time I went shopping in Sams we pulled two overflowing carts up to the checkout counter. The clerk didn't bat an eyelash.....and he sure took my money.

Another forum you might want to look at is the Food and Storage forum on Gary North's site.

This is only for foods, etc.

And, on his Home Power Generation forum,

is complete discussion of generators, and all sorts of good backup power systems.

For now I would stay off his main forum, which gets heavily laced with his view of the world. Make your own decisions.

Blondie, it takes a long time to prepare. Don't think that you have to have it done tomorrow. I would suggest the following:

1. Determine YOUR needs. No two people are going to need the same things. Just because you see that someone's buying an inverted widget, don't think you have to do the same. Do what is right for your family. You can get good preliminary check lists from either the Cassandra Project

or the LDS Emergency Preparedness Manual (more complete)

2. Spend some time planning. What kind of food do you like? How can you best get it (least expensive, least hassle). Prioritize your needs: if you are going to store a years food, get the first months food first, since this is the time most likely to be a problem. The 12th months food can last until later.

3. Try to set a schedule. On paper. That relieves you of thinking you have to rush out tomorrow and buy everything. It also serves to remind you when you begin to slip and waiver.

Have fun, and check back in often. Keep us informed.


-- rocky knolls (, September 11, 1998.

Its great to see someone so absolutely aware! Do slow down, just a teeny bit. Try I think you would get a lot of your questions answered.

-- Joe (, September 11, 1998.

To Robert Cook,

I read about that scheme to rotate the earth backwards to get a few days. It looked entirely feasible at first glance. The scientists had planned to build very large sails, most about 2 miles high by 2 miles wide and place hundreds of these unsightly canvas menaces around the equator. The theory was that the wind resistance would slow the earth gradually and eventually (within about 17.886548 days) cause it to rotate backwards. The glitch is this: Before the earth can rotate backwards it has to actually stop, even if just for a brief moment. When it stops, the earth will actually fall out of its orbit. Calculations verified that this would likely cause adverse conditions, particularly in Australia and New Zealand where the 3500 degree temperatures would cause the sheep to become slightly irritated not to mention damaging the coral reefs.

Anyhow, this pre-occupation with canvas caused me no end of trouble. Two nights ago I had a terrible dream that I had turned into a wigwam. Then last night I dreamt that I had turned into a teepee. I saw my doctor this morning to find out what was wrong with me.

He told me not to worry, that I was just two tents.

-- Craig (, September 11, 1998.

It's a new day! Blondie here, reporting back to all of you who took the time to answer my questions, encourage me and give me hope and moral support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously! I gathered all the information that you gave me and asked the Lord for his guidance and direction. Then I headed out the door...paid off any outstanding debt, diversified my assets some, bought a Coleman camping stove and Coleman lantern and some cans of fuel for them, also did like one of you suggested to do which was get lots of ones, fives and tens, remembering that I can take the money out of the bank because it is MY money not the banks, and now I am more at peace with this y2k thing for now. Thanks, again. Now when Dagwood finally gets home from work, he can unload the "filled to the brim" car! :-) Blondie P.S. I will deal with the generator and "how to stay warm" dilema next week.

-- Blondie Marie (, September 11, 1998.

Blondie Marie,

Here's the address for the Cassandra Project

Good Luck!

-- Gina Decker (, September 12, 1998.

--- there is an example of the earth standing still, for about a day, in the Bible -- Joshua 10:12-14. But it seems doubtful this will happen again to put off the coming of 1-1-2000!

-- John Howard (, September 13, 1998.

Many of you have e-mailed me about when my comprehensive Y2k shopping list will be posted on my new Y2k web site. Yes, it is finally up! There are still a few more pages of Level 2 & 3 shopping list that will be added in a day or two. We are getting an average of 200 visitors a day. For those who have visited, we are almost a one site see all.We covers alternative medicine, vital & little-known Washington news, investment & market forecasts. Updated daily & still under construction.I try to do as much as possible, working in between my Y2K seminars, etc.

-- Raymond Kwong (, September 17, 1998.

Sorry, forgot to leave you my Y2k we site address.

-- Raymond Kwong (, September 17, 1998.

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