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Hi, I'm still working on my novel that takes place in SF in 1853. One of the events involves the sinking of the steamship Independence off the coast of Mexico. About 200 were killed; about 250 survivors were brought to SF, arriving on March 31. There were major relief efforts by the citizens of SF to help these survivors. I have accounts from all the major newspapers of the day, and have also found references in certain diaries and books. ("Apron Full of Gold," "March of Empire," and "Gold Rush steamers of the Pacific.") Can anyone point me to other good sources? I'm specifically looking at what was going on in SF--I'm less interested in the particulars of the shipwreck itself. Thank you.

-- Dorothy (, September 10, 1998


One of my ancestors, "Judge" William Bacon, was aboard the Independence when it went down. Family history says that he was instrumental in organizing the survivors, rationing food, etc. Do your references speak to this?


-- Jim Wilson (, December 06, 2003.

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