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My AE-1 consistently shows a flashing red LED and an exposure meter needle that swings all the way to the bottom. The battery checks ok. Any suggestions? Thanks! David Nordquest

-- David Nordquest (, September 10, 1998


Could be one of two possibilities. You may have the lens set off the "A"utomatic setting, ie, set at a numbered aperture. If this is the case, the red "M" will be lit. Hold the little button on the aperture ring in while turning the ring to the lowest number and then all the way back to "A."

You may need to select another shutter speed to bring the needle back up into the scale, based on the film speed and lighting condition. If the "+" led is lit, use a faster shutter speed; if the "-" is lit use a slower speed.

-- tony brent (, April 04, 1999.

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