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I for one depend on the correspondence of this group for information as to what is going on throughout the US and elsewhere. When I read something about a person's experience, I am always left with the burning desire to know what part of the world that person lives in. Is is against some kind of rule for posters not to mention what part of the country they live in? Or is it just a precaution to insure privacy? I am new to the web and do not know the rules.

Bill from South Carolina.

-- Bill Solorzano (, September 10, 1998


There are no "rules". If anyone wants to insure privacy, they won't use their name or divulge their location.

Steve from Wisconsin

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 10, 1998.

Hint: don't tell anybody your from the S***h. The Yankees get mad and start picking on you and make irreverant comments about the uncivil war and stuff like that. Of course, it's okay a to tell a New Zealand or Australian guy you're from the S****h, they're kinda of downside up on that half of the equator and invert it and end up thinking you are you're still north of them. (That's because they run their heaters in July and their air conditioners in January, so all their Y2K preparations have be delayed for 6 months.)

Now Kennesaw, GA, formerly TX, FL, ID, CT, CA, ...

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (, September 10, 1998.

Richard from Sussex UK.

-- Richard Dale (, September 10, 1998.

I happen to be glad I live in the south when it comes to Y2K. Winters are mild and the "growing season" is just about all year. I have been to all 50 states (plus 15 countries) and I loved them all, but on January 1, 2000, I will be home in TEXAS! I just hope all electrical power is restored before SUMMER gets here! :-) PS- no, I don't have any cows or an oil well! (Wish I did!)

-- Gayla Dunbar (, September 10, 1998.

Great granny, Holly, enjoying Tacoma, (recent recipient of a "Top Ten American Cities" award), and the beautiful Puget Sound, having arrived here via Chicago, Denver, Lewistown, PA, and La Mirada, CA!

-- Holly Allen (, September 10, 1998.

We do not call it the civil war down here in the south. The proper terminology is "The war of the northern aggressors" By the way I asked my class of 38 students if they are their parents had done anything about the Y2K problem and TWO (2) raised there hands. 36 didn't know the problem existed. It scares me to think of what happens when the public becomes aware?

-- HAKoelling (, September 10, 1998.

Washington, DC here, born and raised. No, I am not an insider, not a bureaucrat, nor the son of either one.

BTW, the South lost the war, get over it.

-- Buddy Y. (, September 10, 1998.

South Central Nebraska and so glad that Providence moved us from the city to a place where the nearest WalMart is a sixty minute drive.

-- Timothy Rebman (, September 10, 1998.

I'm one of them damn Yankees! Yeah, you lost the war, so get over it! :)

-- Dave (, September 10, 1998.

Currently I'm in eastern North Carolina, originally from central Alabama (and likely to be back there soon).

As for you Yankees- there were 9 million of us and 21 million of you and it still took you four years.


-- Lee P. Lapin (, September 10, 1998.

West Virginia, but grew up in Cornhuskerland.

-- rocky knolls (, September 10, 1998.

Bill, I thought this was a really good question. With the Internet being global, it's a real help to know where people are from. I know that we often ask questions or respond as if everyone on the forum lives in the U.S. I'm from Vancouver, Washington, which is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. Previously lived near Seattle in Puget Sound country one of the great places of the world) like Holly Allen and Pastor Chris. I have visited all 50 states, and lived in Illinois, Iowa, Alaska, New York, in the U.S. and in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in Canada. <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>..

-- Dan Hunt (, September 10, 1998.

Gentle Readers:

To mah undyin" shame, As was born and raised in Noo yolk city, but am trying to live it down. I love the South, it's people and everything I have seen. I have decided to "Make my stand" right here. If I get shot by a hungry neighbor, I am pretty sure he will say, "Excuse me"

Bill: South Carolina

-- Bill Solorzano (, September 10, 1998.


Unless you 1) came South, 2) stayed in the South, and 3) stayed obnoxious and didn't loose the accent, you're not a damn Yankee. You never did say where you were from/ are living, but if you're still north of the Mason- Dixon you're just a Yankee ;-).

We'uns down heah have mellowed a lot in the past hundred years or so... .


-- Lee P. Lapin (, September 10, 1998.

I don't post often but read almost every day, Im from Portland, Or. Just accross the Columbia River from some hick town called Vancouver. :) , and hoping to move to a real hicktown bout an hour from Portland, if my house ever sells..


-- Vic (, September 10, 1998.


-- Steve Francis (, September 10, 1998.

Hi Bill,

The convention in NZ is to identify yourself accurately by name and email. Others do, as other do, for their own reasons. New Zealand is the first country with any population to feel the effects of Y2K on 1/1/2000. While you face the prospect of a Digital Winter the best summary of the NZ view is at

Best single source I have found for other Y2K sites is:

If you have an atlas New Zealand is to the right of Australia. NZ is not part of Australia, in the same way as Japan is not part of China. Some NZers take Y2K seriously because we are a trading nation and Y2K affects shipping and other forms of transport.

The URL above indicates a middle of the road view of Y2K from a NZ perspective.

Regards to all, Bob from Hamilton, New Zealand.

-- Bob Barbour (, September 10, 1998.

Transplanted Yankee now living 15 min from the beach in central eastern Florida.

Nice here, lots of time to grow a garden, orange groves everywhere, no worries about freezing to death, fishing, hunting, sunny....wait a minute, it's terrible here, stay where you are.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 10, 1998.

South East Kansas

-- Gina Decker (, September 10, 1998.

In the lovely rolling hills of western-most Pennsylvania, via Michigan, Connecticut, California, Arizona. Sorry, Uncle, but my Michigan relatives and I made a pact to start insinuating into every possible conversation the idea that, should things ever get tough, the best plan is to move to the South. The folks are friendly, the winters livable, the growing season long...

-- Faith Weaver (, September 10, 1998.

This will very helpful, but I won't be able to remember where y'all are from after a while. Could we keep putting a state or some landmark when we post? On the birding bulletin boards some people have their location in their signature and it's and you can more easily relate to the birds they refer to.

Sylvia ( Miss'ippi)

-- Sylvia (, September 10, 1998.


Having read your posts, caring rational people such as yourself are always welcome.

It doesn't hurt that my forebearers helped to settled MI., and that I have family there big time.(Holland) Ask Mrs. Deedah whether or not Dutchmen are stubborn, or if the 'stubborn Dutchman' is a myth (NOT)

PS, I come by way of PA. myself.

PPS, FL is really a horrible place to live, mosquitos the size of mack trucks that can suck you dry in 15 seconds, hurricanes that wipe the land flat for miles in every direction, the sinkholes will swallow you up while your back is turned, gators hiding under your bed ready to attack, terrible, just terrible. Save yourself, stay away.

-- Uncle Deeedah (, September 10, 1998.

I don't understand youse guys.

What's all this about losing the war? Hell, the war found us. We never misplaced the darn thing. If you guys lost a war, well go find another one and quit blaming us southern types for losing your war.....

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (, September 10, 1998.

I have in the past spent an inordinate amount of time debating the veracity and timeliness of the postings here, my apology to you, Steve Hartsman.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 10, 1998.


While not laying any blame, mind you.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 10, 1998.

Welcome from the "CAJUN FUN COUNTRY" Louisiana. I came here by way of "yankee land". Been in 112 countries and all 50 of our group. Spent 21 years as a "hired gun" for Uncle Sam.

S.O.B. (LA)

-- sweetolebob (, September 11, 1998.

Greetings from the Land of Bad Beer-- UTAH!

At least here you don't have trouble finding an LDS cannery and the Super- Large- Prolific- Family size packages are common in the supermarkets.

This state probably has the the highest percentage of people with a year's supply of stored food... a whole whopping 7% (estimated).

(not a native-- originally from Central Texas; after that, Southeast Kansas, Nothern California and Western Oregon. Now I can hunt jackrabbits, shuck corn, grow herbs, keep dry, and appreciate good beer :)

-- Max Dixon (, September 11, 1998.

Arcy from North Central Florida checking in!

Home of red bugs and rednecks, but mild winter weather and bearable summers.

-- Arcy (, September 11, 1998.

Nebraska but not a "Husker" if I can help it.

-- Kay P. (, September 11, 1998.

Dang, just my luck lately,...late to The Ball. Siting here in beautiful Orange County in S. California, sleepy little college town by megalopolis standards. Here since 1980, born and raised in N. Illinois, spent a year in St. Louis as a young married woman....

As for Lincoln's war on the south, seems the time is coming when all sane people will successfully secede from the monster federal nonsense...The South was just a 150 years precocious...."saving the Union", indeed.

Doing the exciting paradigm dance here in Shade Heaven, S. California!

-- Donna Barthuley (, September 11, 1998.

Making our y2k move from the Pocono Mts. of PA to the Big island of Hawaii. Trading the snow shovel for Kona coffee and fresh fruit. If the planes still fly, you can look me up...

-- Sara Nealy (, September 11, 1998.

Keep the snow shovel, the mountain is ice-capped.

-- Robert A. Cook. P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 11, 1998.

I haven't posted to this forum before, but have read it for several weeks now and I feel I know you all. Thanks for the good information you've posted. I hail from the hills of EastTennessee, transplanted from west central GA when I married a TN hillbilly 40 years ago. Glad you started this thread, Bill.:-)

Virlie (East TN)

-- Virlie M (, September 12, 1998.

Hi y'all-Connie from Rockford Il. You know the town(always last in Money Magazines `Cities you would want to live in' surveys!) Hopefully the roving bands of looters have knowledge of this and keep their distance. I may live in the armpit of the Midwest, but our saving grace is being the home town to Cheap Trick! Gotta find that solar panel to power the Walkman to make Y2K more bearable.

-- Connie L. (, September 12, 1998.

I was born in N. CA and was moved at a very young age to Chicago, IL. My family and I currently reside in S. CA.

-- Candice (, September 12, 1998.

I don't post here often, but yes, I think it would be great if everyone would give their general location. I live in a city in So. California and the info and debate here are very helpful to get an idea of what's going on in other places.

-- Sandy, in So.Cal. (, September 13, 1998.

Couldn't resist this thread, no way in the world.

People talk all grades of junk about the South, until they retire here --

We've got a checkered past, to be sure. But you won't presently find a friendlier region on the face of this planet -- if you do, let me know, I want to go there

Been to D.C., Chicago, NYC -- but they don't say "Hey how ya'll doing!" like they do in Atlanta. Not even close. Can't get grits in Greenwich Village LOL

And I do love G.R.I.T.S. -- Girls Raised In The South !!!!!!!


I do fear for you folks up North on 1-1-2000, though, on a serious note....the cold. Move down here! (I've offered that very invitation to a few friends in Wisconsin...come live in my house for a while if things get too rough)

John, eastern NC

-- John Howard (, September 13, 1998.

Having lived for years as close to a worst-case scenario as one can get without dying, I prefer to live in the North if and when TSHTF. Away from the masses in a small town in the boonies. Hopefully we'll have a snowy winter so the masses have difficulty getting here.

-- Ex-slave (, September 13, 1998.

I agree about living north. All the unprepared will head south to get warm unless the gas lines dry up. Also can melt the snow and ice to use for water.

-- Dave (, September 13, 1998.

"Checkered past"?

Starred, Barred, (Gingriched ?), twisted, convoluted, intricit, slower (when's the last time you tried bass fishing "in the fast lane", (other than getting there on a 5 million HP bass boat that is? (8<)), .... maybe.

But "checkered"?

You pokin' fun at the kilts of my Scottish ancestors?

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 13, 1998.

I'm just new, but I love reading all your comments. I'm preparing for the cold, because it's not unusual for the lows to be about -40, here in Alberta,Canada. Watch out, Uncle, even alligators sound better than -40 without central heat!

-- Tricia (, September 15, 1998.

Rats! My Inet provider was offline all weekend.. am I too late?

We're up here in the northern tip of New York state. Small town, huge army base nearby.

It gets cold, 30 below not unusual in Jan & Feb... makes your boogers freeze, as my little one likes to point out.

Born & bred northern girl, dad from Sweden, mom from England, so geneticly predisposed for cold weather! Hubby is Canuck from Moose Fanny Maine, so he can take it, too. I guess our little spunk has got our genes, she will run out to the barn barefoot in March, even with snow on the ground. Needless to say, she will be the one to go feed the rabbits & light the stove when the darkness comes.

Thanks for asking!!!

-- Arewyn (, September 15, 1998.

Sorry about being so late with this; I was inundated for a week or so... that's life when you work for a living.

I live in Dawson county GA, maybe an hour's drive from Robert Cook, P.E. :-) Originally from Michigan. Here, they define a "Yankee" as someone who comes down South for vacation then goes home. A "damn Yankee" moves in. I got accepted fairly quickly; I married a local girl & when someone calls me a Yankee, I reply, "that's *damn* Yankee to you, sir!" Everyone has a good laugh & we go from there.

-- Larry Kollar (, September 15, 1998.

I remember that from Idaho: if it gets less than about -10 F (2-3 C for you civilized metric people), your nose freezes.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 15, 1998.

Robert C.:

ROFL!! Aye and begorrah, I be = Scotch-Irish meself, me laddie. And please bear in mind that 'checkered' doesn't have to be bad! Mr. Webster (was he Scotch?) says "diversified; varied; full of ups and downs". If that doesn't describe the South, I'll bonk meself with me shillelagh...

As far as making fun of ancestors, here's one for ye: the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral? One less drunk (^_^)

'Beam me up, Mr. Scott....they've got computer problems down here....'

-- John Howard (, September 16, 1998.


you forgot "good Yankee" -- one that comes down here to visit and takes two or three back with him......(^_^)


-- John Howard (, September 16, 1998.

As a 1/2er myself, 'Scotch' is a drink, he would have been a 'Scot', laddie. ;)

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 16, 1998.

Ah, let's see.... Having lurked long enough that it's time to post, I ought to start here. grew up in Central MY (used to say Upstate but they kept saying Valhala(?) Rockaway(?) NO!) went to school about many miles North East of Tricia in Potsdam at the Engineering and Hockey school there, spent 2 years in VA Bch VA, Back to Madstop for MBA, off to the town which has an almost great baseball team and has been promissed a wining football team in 99 where I spent 4 years as Systems Person (MY system was Y2 compliant in 1982!!) several years in retailing, including a stretch for one of the better local outfitters, a couple years as a clinical and street paramedic, I now drive for an executive sedan coimpany, hauling consultants from the Big 5, accountants from the Big 3, and the odd CEO, to the airport or wherever they want to go.

-- Chuck a Night Driver (, September 17, 1998.

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