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The USA Today had an article on the Year 2000 after I read it I felt that they took a rather conservative stance. I was wondering what everyone else thought.

-- Rod Leach (, September 09, 1998


Which article was that? In the print edition or on the web? There are several recent Y2K articles on the USA Today web-site.

-- Buddy Y. (, September 09, 1998.

It was todays paper in the life section. Every article or T.V. special I have seen that has dealt with preparation, has recommended withdrawing "some" money in case of possible problems. This article recommened a long weekends worth. Just a matter of time when people wonder will one weekends worth of cash be enough??


-- Vic (, September 10, 1998.

Since I don't subscribe to cable television, and therefore virtually immune to television consumption, I have a concern regarding Y2k Reporting. I've read a few articles written by the USA Today, which seems to generally cover responsible Y2k reporting. I've been hearing reports from colleagues, who suffice it to say, are not taking Y2k seriously. One colleague informed me of NIGHTLINES recent Y2k report stating Y2k has been fixed. Tonight, another colleague informed me of a different newscast. (Source Unknown) The report being very similiar to NIGHLINE, but saying the banks have fixed the problem. After performing painstaking Internet research, (Ed Yourdon, Gary North, The Weatherman, Government Links), contradicts most everything reported by the mainstream media. I havn't figured out mainstream medias' modus operandi, but it seems to be motivated by simple economics, profit, and status quo. The American Public's primary news source comes from television news and frankly I think it's extremely irresponsible to candy coat the crisis. Over fifty percent of the American Population is being duped into thinking *there is no problem*, and the problem *is fixed*. What happens in March 1999 when the government fails to deliver its compliance deadline? The collegiate basketball post season finals, MARCH MADNESS, will have some stiff competition perhaps.

Thank you

M.C. Davey

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-- M.C. Davey (, September 10, 1998.

I read The Washington Post, check the web-sites of CNN, USA Today, and others. I watch CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and broadcast network news. I have yet to see any story or any statement saying that the Y2K problem is fixed. Granted, they aren't predicting TEOTWAWKI, but not one of them is saying there is no problem.

-- Buddy Y. (, September 10, 1998.

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