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ICC profiles now come standard with PosterShop 4.2. Is it kosher for me to make those profiles available to my PosterShop 4.0 customers? (not any program files, mind you. Just the ICC files) After all - they already have Profiler (as part of their 4.0 software)


-- Anonymous, September 09, 1998


I am not sure why this would be helpful. If the ICC profile is different in 4.2 than in the 4.0 release, then it is only because the linearization or media model was changed. If the linearization or media model changed, then the ICC profile made with that linearization would not be valid for the 4.0 product. So why share it? BTW, a dealer should not take it upon himself to upgrade all of his customers. If the customer has purchased a tech support contract then they will receive updates automatically. If not, there is a fee associated with the update, that should be paid to Onyx. Other arrangements, if any, must made with Onyx Graphics.

-- Anonymous, September 21, 1998

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