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Last week (09/04/1998) Rushbo had Steve Forbes on his program to explain the stock market slide.

On Sunday 09/06 _This Week_ had Moynihan to analyze the countrys ills.

Remember that after a bumpy start (Forbes Magazine ridiculed Y2K until Steve saw it as a club to whack over Gores head), Forbes has had several hundred thousand words to say about the coming disaster on December 31, you-know-when. Remember also that it was Moynihan who was way out in front with his now famous letter to Pres. WJC.

NOW, THEN... Each one, in a rather frighteningly long list of problems facing the USA failed to mention Y2K.

I must conclude one of the following to be true:

1) Y2K is not a problem.

2) Both Forbes and Moynihan simply forgot to mention it.

3) Both listed Y2K, I didnt listen closely enough.

4) Rush TOLD Forbes to leave it off the list, and Senator Moynihan didnt want his political punditry diluted by stuff of which fear and panic are made.


5) Everybody has lied to me about Y2K being a problem. If the BIG boys don't care nobody else should.

-- B.T. Martin (, September 07, 1998


And the correct answer is......(drumroll)......NUMBER FOUR!

-- K Golden (, September 07, 1998.

B. T. They aren't the "BIG boys!" The real BIG boys (and girls) are us! That will be proved in less than 15 months!

-- Holly Allen (, September 07, 1998.

I'd like to see a show with Bob Bennett, Chris Dodd, Stephen Horn, Constance Morella, John Koskinen, Joel Willemssen. Those are the big boys and girls.

Remember -- Noah was the 'crazy idiot'. It had never rained before.

-- John Howard (, September 13, 1998.

It is becoming obvious that neither the government nor the press will tell the truth about Y2K. They are afraid it would spark a panic, bank runs, stock market crash and economic crash. Of course, those things could happen anyway, but they are trying to keep it quiet for now. This is criminal, in my opinion, because lives will be lost because of lack of preparation. You can be sure the government official have their bunkers and food stockpiles ready, though.

-- leslie (, September 14, 1998.

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