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For a while, I've been desperately searching for anything Fon that i can wear---hats, shirts, etc. If anyone out there has access to some Flux stuff, then I would GEATLY appreciare it if you would contact me so some kind of arrangement can be made. Or, if anyone knows where I can order some Fon stuff, that would also be a help.

A warning: Stanley Desantis t-shirts advertises that they have two different Fon shirts---I have ordered one and they are actually out and cannot get you one.


-- Owen Black (, September 07, 1998


Just check your local t-shirt dealer at the mall. You know those weird little stores that always have the most useless stuff, like a southpark inflatable chair.

-- (, November 06, 1998.

you can now finally find aeon merch at hottopic. the have t shirts stickers etc. check it out. here is the link for the shirts. Enjoy!

-- Dani (, February 24, 2004.

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