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Limericks......./ As my old uncle Deedah would say/ Don't get hit by the flak from 2 Kay/ So he drove helter-skelter/ To an M-Bomb-Proof shelter/ Where he rode out the effects of decay/ There was an old man from the North/ Who resembled the star-trekking Warf/ He said Kling on to your life/ Because danger is rife/ We're being attacked by the time endomorph/

-- Richard Dale (, September 07, 1998


You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman, while I, sadly, am a one hit wonder. That blinding light is the reflection of the sun from my pate, as my hat is off to you!

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 07, 1998.

Why i'm so embarrassed, I came to this lark late in life as well you know. Must be the Klamath Lake Algae. Keep 'em coming!

-- Richard Dale (, September 07, 1998.

My appolpgies to you both, but this was sent to me, and I just thought I'd inflict it upon you (may Dr. Seuss forgive us):

> >I am Starr. Starr I are. > >I'm a brilliant barri-star. > >I'm here to ask, as you'll soon see, > >Did you grope Miss Lew-in-sky? > >Did you grope her in you house? > >Did you grope beneath her blouse? > >Did she give you gifts and ties? > >Were you spied by prying eyes? > >I did not do that here or there! > >I did not do that anywhere! > >I did not do that in a chair! > >I went not near her giant hair! > >I did not join -- even for fun, > >The Mile High Club in Air Force One, > >So stow you feathers and your tar, > >I did not do her, Starr you are! > >Did you smile? > >Did you flirt? > >Did you peek beneath her skirt? > >And did you tell the girl to lie, > >When called upon to testify? > >That is it; you've gone too far! > >I do not like you, Starr you are! > >I will not answer any more! > >In fact, I think I'll start a war! > >The public's easy to distract, > >When bombs are falling in Iraq! > > > >

-- Lon Frank (, September 07, 1998.

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