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There were two seasons of Fon shorts. I am now 15, so I did not watch much of LTV when it was on, so i don't have much memory of it. Was there an AF on every Liquid Television episode? And how many Flux shorts are there in total? I will be recieving Operative Terminus soon, and i just want to make sure that I oen everything Fon.

-- Owen Black (, September 06, 1998


If you have all three videos, you have everything. I'm not sure if an Aeon Flux short was in every episode during the first season of Liquid TV. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in every episode of the second season of Liquid TV. I believe it was a third season (either that or a VERY extended second season) where there was no Aeon Flux in it, mainly because work had begun for the 1995 third season.

-- ChaosKnight (, September 07, 1998.

There were a few without her. There were 5 shorts - 'Gravity', 'Night', 'Leisure', 'Tide', and 'War', in that order. The first 'season' was split over several episodes.

-- Philip Mills (, September 08, 1998.

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