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I am going to her concert at the Bloomsburg fair on September 30th and I was wondering how can I meet her or how can I get a backstage pass.

-- Deborah Magruder (, September 06, 1998


i was wondering how to get backstage passes to deannas concert.

-- bryan boldt jr (, October 20, 1998.

don't worry you will not be able to meet her. You can only meet her if you are a kid! When she was at bloomsburg she did not have another concert date until around the middle to the end of October. Her manager said that she was too busy and had to get to the next town in witch i know she did not haft to get to the next town because she was not schedule to go anywhere. The reason why I said about being a kid is because while I was standing there I saw them take a couple of kids back to meet her.

-- Deborah Magruder (, October 20, 1998.

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