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As I mull this whole thing over in my mind, I am reminded of the story of the elephant at the Vicar's tea party. All of the guests are struggling valiantly to ignore the fact that there is this huge elephant named y2k, stomping about, farting, defecting, trumpeting and knocking things over. All are too polite or frightened to even acknowledge his presence. They even continue their irrelivant conversations over the terrible noise. The latest about Monica, didn't the first felon look terrible on TV last night etc etc. Even the Vicar's neighbors, (Canada) have become alarmed and are taking precautions not to be killed by this elephant's behavior. Some of the guests have even been quoted as saying that elephants do not exist, at least in our country. Well folks, he is at the tea party. How long will we continue to ignore him?

-- Bill Solorzano (, September 04, 1998


Good analogy and alalysis Bill, or maybe it is the "Emperor's New Clothes" least there are more of us shouting "he's naked" or "Y2k is coming". But there are a few more now who have had the elephant step on their toes than 3 months ago. Lots of new names on all the forums and boards, lurking and adding a point or two. Here in our city in Canada, I have harassed all those in charge of potential disaster areas that I can think of, and do see a lot of awareness, just not much in print. They think they can't afford to do that for fear of litigation, but it is unethical to allow people to not prepare when there is a life threatening situation, such as no heat in -20 deg, and most will admit that. With la nina coming to spend the winter, we probably will get a taste of outages (Transalta the utility company already said there will be 2 hour outages because of lack of natural gas available. Maybe a wake up call is in order and will prompt some to get ready.

-- Laurane (, September 10, 1998.

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