Why only B&W on my PSX with VCD-CARD

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When I try to watch a VCD movie (from malaysia) on my Playstation, why do I only get a Black & White picture (even the boot-up pic) on my playstation which I have bought a VCD-Card to. The card is plugged in via the parallel port and the Multi A/V connects. I use the ordinary cables I got with the playstation: 3 phono connectors: 1 Yellow - Video 1 Red - Audio Right 1 White - Audio Left One end connected to the VCD-Card and the other to a Euro-scart adaptor which goes into my TV-Set.

-- Niklas Jensie (nickodemus@rocketmail.com), September 03, 1998


Niklas I am in a similar dilemma as you. I bought a sony playstation (model: SCPH-5501/94005) from Malaysia and VCD card with remote control, that can be attached to the back of unit and with a switch to play VCD or a game. The connection using a scart lead from the sony playstation direct to the TV offers colour but not when the VCD card is attached and the connection to the unit is then via the phono leads which only comes out black and white. It plays colour on the TVs in Malaysia with no problems for both games, VCDS, using phono leads, scart or co-axial straight into the TV. I thought that the TVs in Malaysia is the same as the TVs here in UK. I wonder if that could be the problem. Like yourself I welcome any answers as to both our problems.

-- Alex Chew (alexchew@msn.com), September 12, 1998.

you need a colour conversion chip to play them in colour.

-- (casper26@hotmail.com), November 02, 1998.

I have a VDC card for my Saturn. I had some black and white picture at first. I bought a Pal boster from Consol Kings and sorted out the problem srate away. It was #18. I had to get it from wales thought, which cost a bit. CONSOLEKING@yahoo.com (0410 425019) I hear that Loaded (where I got my sturn switched) does on as well. #20 (01622 871551)

-- Jonathan Dale (JMDLORD@aol.com), November 15, 1998.

Hi, You have need a cable RGB, by SONY or other, and add chip format conversion. In Asia there is NTSC format ,in Europe PAL. PAL = SVIDEO NTSC= RGB format Playstation support both format. MAX

-- MAX (michael@ede.it), February 08, 1999.

to keep it simple all you need is a RGB scart cable (available from most high street stores) tell the dealer it is for viewing ntsc on as pal screen using a playstation or whatever device you chose to use. It should cost you between 5 & 8 pounds no more

-- the italian (oa8jbl@netscape.net), January 06, 2001.

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