If you are still in the stockmarket (by way of IRA's or 401k's)...

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I suggest you read the following article and be aware that more and more of these scenarios are going to happen in the days and weeks to come.


-- K Golden (kgolden@solar.stanford.edu), September 03, 1998


More economic news to be better informed.

China has purchased 70 tons gold in the last few months: http://biz.yahoo.com/finance/980903/markets_pr_2.html

Jack Kemp urges Greenspan to return to the gold standard: http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a605216.htm

Bill Fleckenstein's new take on gold: http://www.stocksite.com/features/contrarian/rap/

-- K Golden (kgolden@solar.stanford.edu), September 03, 1998.

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-- Raymond Kwong (rayk19@juno.com), September 09, 1998.

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-- Ray Kwong (rayk19@juno.com), September 09, 1998.

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