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As I wait for the AutoInk/4 color dye fix my problems are growing. Many of us will continue to use the older pigmented ink system for a while but they are no longer supported within the new 4.2 library for ColorSpan which shows only PermaChrome profiles. Unfortunately I uninstalled PS 4.0 which contained my old library and its profiles. I did save the old common directory but I can't really do anything with the profiles contained in the older ColorSpan library. I've tried switching the libraries but it dosn't work. Is there anything else I can do besides reintalling 4.0? (or is this how I might be able to export its .opl files?) Is a complete library in the works? Day by day PS 4.2 is getting more useless for me and I find myself relying on my old ColorMark RipStation. I really need to get back to PosterShop as I have rediscovered how limiting the ColorSpan can be...

-- Anonymous, September 02, 1998


Partial solution

PosterShop doesn't seem to distinguish between old pigment profilers and new PermaChrome profilers. So until I rebuild my pigment profiles I can use the existing PermaChrome profile and select 4/c pigment from the setup box. If anyone has a better solution please share it with the me...

-- Anonymous, September 02, 1998

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