Did anyone here go to the Houston, Texas show? {I was on stage w/ SG!}

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Was wondering if anyone out there went to the Houston Venue and if they did, please email me. If you happened to see me there, I was the one on stage with three other girls as SG Performed! :o) I loved that day! Just trying to find some people who were at the show to converse with!

-- Nikki Lea (NikkiLea20@Hotmail.com), September 02, 1998


Response to Did anyone here go to the Houston, Texas show?

You did what?!! Tell tell!! What happenned?

-- Roslyn (savagevision@yahoo.com), September 03, 1998.

Response to Did anyone here go to the Houston, Texas show?

Here's what happened:

Hi, Nikki here! Well, I would let you read all about it on my webpage but its on the blitz right now and I am figuring out how to fix it, but I will give you a small run down on my story: The day of the Concert (July 21st) My friend and I were listening to our local station and they were giving away a SG Prize Package, and wouldnttell you what it was unless you won it. So my mom woke me up at 7:00 and she lfet for work and wished us luck. About 7:30 the dj's asked a question about SG. Where did Daz and Dan meet 4 years ago? My friend knew the answer, but she lacked one word, and that was Audition. I knew the whole answer, and so the DJ told me I was a Hard Core SG Fan and said that I had won backstage passes, to meet SG before the show and a signed copy of their full-length CD, which includes Mine and All Around Me, that and the best seats in the house, which were on stage as SG Performed. I was nextto Dan the entire time he played his heart out! (Ahh..memories!) At one point during the concert, when Dan was walking off stage, he handed me his guitar pick and said 'This is for good luck' I honestly thought I would die!! Before the concert, I gave him roses and a b-day card and told him that he was a great musician and told him how much I wanted to be like him, start a band, get a musical carrer, and he told me 'Just believe in your dreams and they will come true. Dont ever give up and if you do, just remember there are people out there that will love you for your music' He was very honest and polite, and then he kissed me! (How I loved that part) along with a bear hug from Daz and Dan, they went on to perform. Anna and Nicole were nice also, as well as Ben and Karl, goofy but sweet! Thats about it except for the fact that I still have the outfit hanging in a plastic bag sealed so noone will ever touch it again! Hope you like it, and hope you arent a jealous as other girls have been!

Visit Nikki's SG Home page!!

-- Roslyn (savagevision@yahoo.com), September 04, 1998.

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