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hi i was wondering if there is any vcd player that can play vcd movies under dos? i tried most of the common players like xing,activemovie, and compcore and there all for windows.

-- Lawrence ko (, September 02, 1998


No. Sorry.

-- Jonathan Dale (, November 16, 1998.

Yes. Sorry Jon. You can download VMPEG 1.12, a Dos-based shareware MPEG program, from It will play VCD Mpeg-1 movies.

-- Ben Smith (, January 19, 1999.

Impresive. But how good is the decoding? How old is it? DOS based!! I am very impresed

-- Jonathan Dale (, January 25, 1999.

...oops! That program plays MPEG VIDEO only. No audio. If you can live without running DOS (is it an old machine, or what?), you should try LINUX. It is free, multitasking, runs on almost anything, has infinite free tech support on the web, and even runs useful programs like DOS emulators and a full screen shareware ($10) VCD players (with audio, mind you!). See for details. It is a bit tricky to setup, though. Not for amateurs. But, what the hey, you might learn something!

-- Ben Smith (, February 15, 1999.

I have found 2 dos VCD players:

MPEGone (command Prompt)


QuickView - DOS multimedia viewer

I use them as windows (any and every version) refuses to play VCD's on my computer since I changed from an ATI graphics card a while ago.

-- Lawrence Challen (, January 03, 2001.

hello dear, i have a solution for you . try ( quick view pro ) this is most powerful program for playing dos i also tried it . it can play soud in dos(but for this you will contect me) download it from net

-- shahbaz ahmad (, May 26, 2003.

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