Ever wonder what the uninitiated think?

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Ever wonder just what people who can't apperciate the show think? Ever wonder what people who like cookie cutter plot lines, and 2 dimensional characters think of the show? Well, here's the link for you. (ignore the guys' sketches of naked and semi naked chicks and scroll to the bottom.)


I have no idea what this guys' problem is, though it makes me want to load my rifle with the armor piercing rounds.

-- ChaosKnight (hellfire@surfshop.net), September 01, 1998


Hmm. Kind of reminds me of the impression I got when I first saw Fon Flux. At first, confusion and disgust; then intrigue and finally some level of understanding. It definitely took awhile. SRM's episode guides were a big help. I've tried introducing the show to other people I know and they pretty much put it off as utter nonsense.

Your comment about people's tendancies toward cookie cutter plot lines and cliche, two-dimensional characters is a good one. Sadly, that's the majority of TV and film's audience (which is part of the reason atrocities like Titanic become so popular).

I saw another website which described Flux as "an animated soap opera". I couldn't help but laugh at how off-the-mark that guy was...

I guess the author of the page you cited is just another of the many people would rather derive meaning from the same old substanceless crap than a work which questions, challenges and enlightens (and may have to bend a few rules to do so).

-- Spofforth (Spofforth@hotmail.com), September 05, 1998.

Hey, calm down CK. That would seem to be how most people would respond to Aeon Flux at first. Most of my friends either can't see past the violence or innuendo in it and/or pass it off completely cos they think 'anything animated can't be taken seriously cos cartoons are for kids'. It's these people who REALLY rile my goat.

-- Szy (szy@antisocial.com), September 06, 1998.

I'll tell you what they think. They see Aeon as a stereotypical woman thought up by some perverted misogynist. She's slutty, clumsy, and fails in every mission she undertakes. One woman wrote "Aeon Flux make women out to be pathetic sex objects who never accomplish anything and are allways beaten in the end by a male nemisis" Sad, ain't it?

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), September 28, 1998.

You can't make those people happy. If Aeon Flux had the roles of Aeon and Trevor reversed, they would complain about the way women are exploited by Trevor. They would also complain that its the typical stereotyping of a man being the most powerful and the main character. Ever notice that Aeon uses men for whatever she wants? And if they don't do as she says (and even if they do sometimes) Aeon kicks their ass. She doesn't use some goofy gimmick like most female characters in animated series (which I guess you really can't blame, considering they're made for kids, and are not very developed)she just throws a server beating on them, or she might just shoot them. They're merely complaining about the animated shorts, and totally ignoring the third season. I guess they don't like the fact Aeon makes mistakes, and isn't perfect. Yeah, ok, Aeon should NEVER make mistakes, and always win. Yeah, I'm sure the show would have been much better then. Whatever. You can't make everyone happy. That's why there were four solo Kiss alblums. One man's Ace Frehley is another man's Peter Kriss.

-- ChaosKnight (hellfire@surfshop.net), September 28, 1998.

"Rile my goat?"

-- Kiru Banzai (keelyrew@netscape.net), January 25, 2000.

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