When will they return to Aus?

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Are they still touring here in USA or did they go home? If not, when?

-- SgGirl (rose347@juno.com), September 01, 1998


Yup, they're home now... BUT they will be back in the US on the 7th of Sept to be on Rosie for the third time preforming ToTheMoonAndBack.,..

-- KatHy (kathy@bencarey.8m.com), September 01, 1998.

SG wont be coming back to AU for quite some time after their tour is over. A close friend of mine who works for the Fanzine in AU said that Darren and Daniel will rest before coming back over, and when they do, it wont be to perform any shows, it will be to sit down and see what they can get started on the next album.

-- Nikki Lea (NikkiLea20@Hotmail.com), September 02, 1998.

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