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Any one want to take a shot at answering this guy. He's CEO of a Houston-based software firm.

-- Lon Frank (, August 31, 1998


IMHO he doesn't have a clue!

-- Gayla Dunbar (, August 31, 1998.


His entire line is that he's unhappy because people bought software solutions that only addressed Y2K. If they'd waited, he would have been happy to sell them HIS software.

I love the line, "are, or should be," referring to programs being remediated. We can all agree that the software should have been remediated by now. All that it took would have been reasonably astute management, recognizing the problem when it first surfaced, and fixing it. Didn't happen, which is why there is a crisis now.

The man's trying to sell snake oil.

-- rocky (, September 01, 1998.

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