Looking for lens adapter to Konica FT-1

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Hello: I have become pretty enthusiastic about the FT-1 and many of its lenses and also their quite reasonable prices. One last item would complete all my desires. That would be an adapter that would allow me to use one of the following lens mounts: Canon, Nikon, or Olympus, so that I could add a shift (or tilt-shift) lens to my outfit. Thanks

-- Anonymous, August 31, 1998



Try Pacific Rim at http://www.teleport.com/~pacrim/

I just purchased a manual for the Konica FT-1 from them and they were very quit to respond.

I all just purchased a FT-1 and like the camera very much as I had a Konica T-2 and now can use all my lenes, etc on this body.

Good Luck Bill LaFever

-- Anonymous, September 02, 1998


Your best shot at mounting a shift lens on the FT-1 will be the M42 Praktica/Pentax screwmount to Konica body adapter. This will allow you to mount the Russian shift lens in M42 mount to your camera. It will also be the cheapest way. You will lose the auto diaphragm feature (your shift lens will be manual only). You will just spin the aperture/shutter speed dials until the red LED lights up at position f/1 to get a proper exposure. The Russian shift lens has sharpness that is comparable to the brands you mentioned.

-- Anonymous, September 05, 1998

Konica lens adalpter

Thank you Randolph Carlisle, and also Bill LaFever for your responses to my question. I appreciate them both. I did check on Pacific Rim and the did list a nikon adapter @ $150. Wonderful what scarcity will do. And I find that I could find a good Nikon 35mm f2,8 For about $350. Following your recommendation Randolph, I'm going over to the Russian camera page and see what seems possible there. The pentax adapter is possible at something closer to $25. But again, I appreciate the comments. Regards, Herb S.

-- Anonymous, September 05, 1998

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