Where? 5kw propane generators?

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Where can I buy American made 5 kw propane generators?

-- Bradley A. Carter (Gusups50@aol.com), August 30, 1998


If you have a COSTCO store in your area you can get a great deal on a 5000 watt Genarac unit for $469.

-- David Henderson (hendu@home.com), October 21, 1998.

Check Northern Hydraulics web site www.northern-online.com They have Dyna brand generators set up for natural gas, LP or gasoline. Also, Dyna customer service can be reached at 507-357-6831. Most N.H. generators are on back order as are many other sources for 5KW and larger generators. Other sources are Harbor Freight Tools 1-800-423-2567 and Diesel America West www.dawest.com.

-- Tom Cannon (Cannon@rockisland.com), December 08, 1998.

Just bought a 5000/6250 KW unit from Northern Tools Inc. Made by Coleman. Some idiot broke it in shipping, but have another on the way. Suggest if you're going to buy one, you do so immediately as they are definately in short supply. The ice storms in the northern parts of US as well as hurricanes in Honduras, etc have caused the Mfgrs to run way behind on filling orders. Good Luck and God Bless

-- Ray Martin (ray@etwebs.net), January 20, 1999.

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