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When car camping, what's the best way to protect sheet film (Tri-x and Ektachrome) from the heat (where the days typically exceed 90 degrees F)? Is it best to purchase a styrofoam cooler and put the film in it (without the ice)? Store it under the car seats (obviously not the trunk)? Should I even be concerned with the effect of the heat on film?

Many thanks,

-- Robert Ruderman (, August 28, 1998


I have shot quite a bit in the desert southwest, without any measures taken, and I know the film had gone thru some extreme temps, but as far as I can tell, I have suffered little if any problems. Not that I recommend abusing your film. Im suprised at how tolerant it is, actually. I shoot only chromes, mostly Provia in 4x5.

-- Ron Shaw (, August 28, 1998.

Why take the ice out of the cooler? Freezing film is fine, just remember to thaw it before using it.

I would think the coolest place would be under the car, not inside it. Just remember not to drive over the film.

If it's only a day or two, don't worry about it. If it's a week or more, precautions may be advisable.

-- Alan Gibson (, August 28, 1998.

I keep my film in waterproof screw-top Nalgene canisters in the ice-chest while working out of my truck. To keep film cooler while backpacking, I put it into those gold-foil bags that come free with the purchase of certain brands of coffee beans. Some of the bags are too narrow for 4x5 but work great for roll film. Sometimes you can get these bags with resealable zip-loc style closures--well worth the price of the beans!

-- Mark Johnson (, September 10, 1998.

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