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Why would the University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center's homepage be listed on a key government y2k site for the Federal Reserve Board? Appears as though they have identified a problem and moved on to a more critical phase of action.

-- Carol Dufrene (jdifrene@laci.net), August 28, 1998


This paragraph from the UW-DMC home page would seem to explain. Apparently, it is the only university offering a Disaster Management Diploma (emphasis on international applications).

A unique educational resource, the University of Wisconsin-Disaster Management Center (UW-DMC), exists at the Department of Engineering Professional Development in the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. It offers educational programs on the management of situations created by disasters and emergencies in an international context. Workshops and seminars are offered in Madison and other cities throughout the world. A series of self-study correspondence courses provides distance-learning educational opportunities for those who cannot travel. Individuals can earn a Disaster Managment Diploma through distance learning by combining self-study courses with other courses anywhere in the world. Although the focus of educational material is on international disaster management, there may be applicability to emergencies in the United States.

-- Aitch (jimp7@mindspring.com), August 28, 1998.

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