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I have created my own chapter and with that its own history. I attempted to give my characters "special" wargear. Like the Lion helm for Azrael. Or the Death mask of Sanguinus for the Blood Angels. My main question is if I can take an existing wargear, like a "daemon weapon", and convert it for my chapter's use?( Non-Chaos) My other problem is that my brother refuses to play against me because my made up wargear is not "Games Workshop" wargear and is not usable. I do not have anything too cheesy. There really isn't anything big, just a few small items. Can I create wargear for my special chapter.( Basically, my brother said he would play me if a professional player answered my questions or sided with me.) John Bauer

-- John Bauer (bauer00@hotmail.com), August 27, 1998


Well, the thing is, your opponent has to agree to allow special rules or characters like that! But if they are similar in power and points to something existing, there shouldn't be anything to bitch about.

The thing is, dont' just take some other armies' wargear and rename it! That isn't flavorful or original. i.e. My army has the Black Horned Helmet for my Commander, which uses the same rules as the Wolf Helm of Russ. That's dumb.

I have an Inquisitor Ordo Malleus that carries a Daemon Weapon. That's not currently allowed. BUT, I have painted this figure and used him for about 10 YEARS now, and it doesn't make sense that GW changes the rules and now I can't used something that I have always had!

Make up stuff in flavor with your army. Encourage your brother to do the same. Then you shouldn't have arguments!

Have fun!

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-- Al'Hafel (alhafl@ida.net), August 27, 1998.

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