Which DVD players will play CDR Video CDs?

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Does anyone know which dvd players will also play video cds that are cdr based? I have a cd burner now and can burn my own vcds. My RCA 5200 does not recognize cdrs. Thanks in advance

-- Jack Moy (prjjm@bigfoot.com), August 26, 1998


There's now a database of DVD players at www.dvdrhelp.com.

-- Russil Wvong (russilwvong@yahoo.com), April 04, 2003.

The DVD FAQ has a section on this topic, at http://www.videodiscovery.com/vdyweb/dvd/dvdfaq.html#2.4.3. It doesn't say exactly which players will read CD-Rs, though.

-- Russil Wvong (rwvong@geocities.com), August 28, 1998.

My Sony DSP-300 DVD player plays VCD/CD-R without any problem. There are only several dvd players that will play cd-r. 3rd gen Toshiba dvd player will play cdr as well.

-- John (jdong@lucent.com), August 28, 1998.

My Pioneer DVL-909 plays CD-R and CD-RW VCDs just fine. Kevin

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-- Kevin (delgadil@cisfooco.com), October 01, 1998.

I have the rca 5500p dvd player...I recently returned from hong kong and all my vcd disks work

-- leslie doughty (lesd@aol.com), December 16, 1998.

My Toshiba 3108 will not play cd-r vcds. I emailed Toshiba and they said they couldn't play them, but I don't know if they were just saying that so people wouldn't try to copy dvds or something. If anyone has had any luck, PLEASE let me know. There are some old home videos I would like to be able to record to vcd.

-- Tommy Wild (tomjess@datasync.com), January 06, 1999.

My RCA 5210 DVD player will play Video CDs copied on CD R/W format but not on CD-R.

-- Bob Scott (rscott1@tampabay.rr.com), January 16, 1999.

My Panasonic DVD-A310 plays my video cds no problem..

-- the guy (red_toolbox@hotmail.com), March 30, 1999.

My Sony DVP-500D plays VCDs' I make myself very well I have tried them in the store in sony's five disk player and it work in that one too... and in a pioneer it worked also..

-- Jonathan Waugh (jwaugh@pjc.cc.fl.us), April 15, 1999.

My Pioneer DVD-515 Works Fine with Burned VCD CD4s



-- Peder Dalin (PederD@home.se), May 05, 1999.

My philips DVD825 plays both CDR and CDRW VCDs.

-- Sean (sean@magnuminvestments.com), May 30, 1999.

My Pionner DV414 Pay Vidoecd burn on HP7200 series ENVEN my CDR-RW Video CD Fantastic to try (The price drop at 4.00$ canadian each!!!) Fantastic combo ...

-- Michel (mtsoft@videotron.ca), July 06, 1999.

My Panasonic DVD-A300 will not read cdr vcd's.

-- kube (kubed@usa.net), July 09, 1999.

Here is a summary of what I have been able to find out about hose players listed in this thread...

RCA 5500P DVD CDR=Unknown CDRW=Unknown Information=No Longer Manufactured RCA 5210 DVD CDR=No CDRW=Yes Information=(P) Model Still Available Panasonic DVD-A310 CDR=Unknown CDRW=Unknown Information=No Longer Manufactured Sony DSP-300 DVD CDR=Yes CDRW=No Information=No Longer Manufactured Sony DVP-500D CDR=Unknown CDRW=Unknown Information=No Longer Manufactured Pioneer DVD-515 CDR=Unknown CDRW=Unknown Information=No Longer Manufactured Pionner DV414 CDR=Yes CDRW=Yes Information=$525.00 List Price Pioneer DVL-909 CDR=Yes CDRW=Yes Information=No Longer Manufactured Philips DVD825 CDR=Yes CDRW=Yes Information=No Longer Manufactured

-- Chris Vitacek (cvitacek@worldnt.att.net), July 17, 1999.

In Table Format...Maybe, we will see...

Model CDR CDRW Additional Information
RCA 5500P DVD Unknown Unknown No Longer Manufactured
RCA 5210 DVD No Yes (P) Model Still Available
Panasonic DVD-A310 Unknown Unknown No Longer Manufactured
Sony DSP-300 DVD Yes No No Longer Manufactured
Sony DVP-500D Unknown Unknown No Longer Manufactured
Pioneer DVD-515 Unknown Unknown No Longer Manufactured
Pionner DV414 Yes Yes $525.00 List Price
Pioneer DVL-909 Yes Yes No Longer Manufactured
Philips DVD825 Yes Yes No Longer Manufactured

-- Chris Vitacek (cvitacek@worldnt.att.net), July 17, 1999.

the RCA 5500P does not play CDR or CDRW disks :(

-- Mojo the Monkey (monkey@rochester.rr.com), July 18, 1999.

The Phillips Maganavox 825 is listed above as no longer being manufactured. I just bought one at COMPUSA for $299. I saw stacks of this magnavox at 2 compusa in the Los Angeles area ( City of Industry and Montclair ).

Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (ktoey@gte.net), August 04, 1999.

Does anybody know if a Panasonic DVD A110 will play burned VCDs? I haven't gotten the movie yet, and am just curious if it will play it once I get it. I'll post again once I have an answer. If anybody knows, please email me. Thanks.

-- Michael Hobson (w2016@hotmail.com), August 26, 1999.

Pioneer DVL-919 (Which replaced the DVL-909) Will play CD-R VCDs.

-- Erik Olson (dtungsten@yahoo.com), August 28, 1999.

Has anyone here tried playing cdr vcd's on the VCD PLAYER FOR PLAYSTATION? Please respond either here or by email

-- Art Lopez (adslzoom@hotmail.com), August 28, 1999.

I have a JVC DVD XV-D2000 has anyone had any luck playing VCD's on their's???

-- Dale Rodda (RoddaTrek@juno.com), October 05, 1999.

I have Pioneer DV525 model that can run the VCD created by CD-RW (Yamaha 4416s) and EasyCreator v3.5c .

-- Tuan (tuandoan@Eng.sun.com), October 06, 1999.

I have a Sony DVP -S7700 and it plays cd-r vcds with ease! I also tried the panasonic dvd-L10(with screen) and P10(without screen) and it worked on those models too. Hope that helps -Van

-- Van Guardd (vanguardd@usa.net), October 07, 1999.

My Proscan PS8675P cannot play CDR and warns me against saying the activation energy of the laser may destroy CDR information. I tried anyway with a burnt audio cd and it does not even recognize a disk being loaded.

-- Michael (mkuzyk@yahoo.com), October 11, 1999.



The Pioneer DVD dv-525 plays cdr and even cdrw video cds. I used Adaptec Deluxe 4.0 (to burn the video cds) and Studio MP10 from Pinnacle systems (to capture video in mpeg1 whitebook and multiplex) and TDK CDRs and Samsung CDRWs. This is a great way to preserve movies you love and are not available on DVD. I got the Pioneer DVD dv525 for $269.00 some websites sell it for $289.00 and its a great DVD player too.

-- Robert Delfino (rad@banet.net), October 26, 1999.

I bought the Playstation VCD Player (Topview Movie Card) with a 2 in 1 goldfinger. It plays store-bought vcds very well. The image quality and sound is good (slightly less than the pioneer dv-525. It does play cdr videocds but not cdrw videocds. I used Adaptec Deluxe 4.0 to burn and Studio MP10 to encode, etc. Unfortunately burned videocds (tdk cdr) skips audio about every 5 secs and sometimes skip frames. Perhaps its my model SCPH-1001 playstation. But actually I think its because burns are less reflective. If you are on a budget its worth it, especially if you love playstation games, but if you want great vcd video get the pioneer dvd525. Good luck!

-- Robert Delfino (rad@banet.net), October 27, 1999.

I bought a Sony Dvp-s725 for 1200DM(ca.750USD). It plays CD-RW fine, but with CD-R it seems to have some problems..

-- frank (frank@handshake.de), November 29, 1999.

The Sony DVPs-530D does not play CD-R or CD-RW according to the manual. I have tried playing CD-R music CDs, but it didn't work. I have not tried CD-RW, or video CD-R.

-- Alejandro Casillas (alejandr@ucla.edu), December 09, 1999.

My Panasonic A-120 will not play cd-r's. It specifically says so in the manual also. It warns against trying, but I did so anyway and the cd-r was still fine when I played it on my computer.

I would suggest going to the respective company's website when considering purchasing a DVD player. You can usually look up whether a specific model will play cd-r's there (or at least email their customer service with a question).

-- B Harrison (houtx67@hotmail.com), December 10, 1999.

My Pioneer DV-525 works just fine. IF ANYONE HAS HOME MOVIES THEY WANT TRANSFERRED TO Video CD (VHS, 8mm reel-to-reel, Super 8, etc.) email me. Our company will transfer your movies into Video CD format beginning at $25 per CD. We will also transfer your old home movies onto VHS beginning at $25 per tape.

-- Dan Metheny (kdmvideo@yahoo.com), January 18, 2000.

I wonder whether the fact that CD-R's are not reflective (i.e blue/green instead of silver) makes it difficult for DVD / VCD players to play them. Perhaps some players just forgo the extra fine- tunings that would enable them to read the CD-Rs effectively for want of cheaper pricings. Or in other words, less features = cheaper price = more volumes of players sold. I am studying this .... please contact me if you have the facts!

-- andy (andy688@hotmail.com), February 06, 2000.

After many attempts, I found that my Philips DVD850 will only play VCDs recorded on HP CD-RWs.

-- Terry Fischer (terryafischer@hotmail.com), February 27, 2000.

After much trial and error, I found that my JVC XV-D701BK will play Video CDs burned on CD-RW media. I can not get them to play Video CDs burned on CD-R media - it spits them back out after about 10 seconds of attempting to read them. For what it's worth (not much), the user guide for my DVD player says it reads DVD, Video CD, Audio CD but not CD-R or CD-RW.

However, the DVD drive in my IBM ThinkPad laptop will play Video CDs burned on both CD-R and CD-RW.

-- Patrick Stewart (davestrorm@yahoo.com), March 06, 2000.

I have pioneer DVD 505 which can play original VCDs only. I tried many CD-R VCDs created on my mac using Astarte M.Pack and Adaptec toast 4.0 but all failed to be recognized as VCD

-- Ahmed Hammad (sense@starnet.com.eg), March 13, 2000.

I found, after returning several models to the shop, that newer models do not play cdr (sony or pioneer). I now have a sony s3 something, I would say about 2 years old, it works fine on everythin

-- Paul Maloney (paulm@sentrybox.co.uk), March 16, 2000.

My sony dvp-s500d will play video cd's, but not video cd-r's or cd-rw's.... if I knew this I would'nt have bought it.....

-- Tom (mentalhunk@aol.com), March 30, 2000.

Pioneer DV-K302CD DVD player plays CD-R and CD-RW VCDs - I've tried PAL and NTSC and all work. I used EZCDCreator4.0 and HP media. Manual also says it will play SVCD, but I haven't tried that yet.

-- Guy Nicholson (guynicholson@yahoo.com), March 30, 2000.

Well, well some people have found my email useful . . . I am posting to update my email, its changed.

The Pionner DV525 should give a VCD fan all that he or she wants. (Gotta include the ladys now a days . . .)

I use it to play VCDs (video cds), on both cdr and cd-rw!, XVCDs (extended video cds that use greater than 1152 bitrate mpeg1 video so that you get better quality), and I hear (though this is not confirmed by me yet) that the player also can play SVCDs (a new form of VCD from China that uses mpeg2 video, which is what DVD discs use.)

Trust me it works. And if you are really serious about making vcds I suggest you get Nero burning Rom (great vcd making software because it burns XVCDs . . . but little or no vcd menu support, for me I don't care)

And get a hardware encoder. I use Pinnacles Studio MP10 and like it very much (use software patch 1.02 or higher)

And use 80 minute cdrs if you are going to make XVCDs I can get 49 minutes at 2000 bitrate video 224 bitrate audio on a Smart and friendly 80 minute cdr.

Here are some links: Nero Burning Rom http://www.ahead.de/en/Index2.htm

Pinnacle Systems Studio Mp10 http://www.pinnaclesys.com/default.html http://www.pinnaclesys.com/studio/mp10/

Take care and remember most problems come from the mastering software: (Nero, Adaptec, etc.)

-- Robert Delfino (rad123b@earthlink.net), March 31, 2000.

My Sony dvp-s550d player says it will not play cd-r or cd-rw.....I have'nt got it to play cd-r, but taking someone else's idea from this list, I tried a video cd burned from adaptec's 4.01 easy cd-creator , and TDK cd-rw media, and it played it just fine ! My guess is it would be the same for the 530s and 300 models, although I have'nt confirmed this... special thanks to rad123b@earthlink.net (RD) for all his help... its cool when a person you don't even know goes out of their way to help a stranger...THANKS !

-- Tom (mentalhunk@aol.com), April 03, 2000.

My Apex AD-600A can play video cds from cd-r and cd-rw.

The Philips DVD815AT will read video cds on CD-RW, but NOT cd-r.

My best results are from Astarte M-Pack MPEG encoding and Toast cd writing software, both for Mac.

I haven't had much luck with U-Lead MediaStudio Pro's MPEG encoding for writing video cds with Easy CD Creator 4. The video cds are recognized, but the video is very unstable with far too many artifacts to be watchable. Anyone recommend a good encoder?

-- Blaine Gillander (bgilland@pangea.ca), April 07, 2000.

Does anyone know if DVD Drives on PC's will typically play CD-Rs or CD-RWs ?? Or are they dependent on model and manufacturer also just like standard consumer DVD players ??


-- Raymond Ie (rayie@yahoo.com), April 25, 2000.

My Toshiba 3109 will NOT play CD-R cds whatsoever (audio, video, etc...)

-- MA Fryler (mafryler@hotmail.com), June 02, 2000.

I Have a Pioneer DV606D, a US (Region1) deck that I've had modified to play all regions (I'm in the UK). It plays my audio CDRs fine, although I've only used a few brands (samsung, phillips, all silver CDRs not old gold type). Haven't tried CDRW, About to try writing a VCD and will post results here.

Suggestion: a vcd front-end to audio tracks on a cdr. Somehow convert the WAVs to mpeg and construct a vcd menu to give cool on- screen graphics to choose the track you want to listen to. Album cover in top corner, maybe lyrics? Am I reinventing the wheel or attempting the impossible?

-- Mattie Saunders (ms@mizpah.force9.co.uk), June 05, 2000.

I have a toshiba 3109, i plays my cd-r audio with a lot of glitches and but it can play my vcd format video (converted to vcd format). However, the quality is quite horrible and i don't get it. Anyone know why or how i might get it to work.

-- Amitabh (amitabh@home.com), June 07, 2000.

My firend and I have spent a lot of money trying to figure out the DVD player. We found out that CD-RW work and most CD-Rs dont work. Then we looked in to this more. The reason this is is because CD-RW are Silver like a DVD. When we then tried true silver looking cds silver/silver they worked on 3 DVD players that we tested. One brand of CD-R that work are "Aopen".

-- Ryan R. (mrchip354@aol.com), June 07, 2000.

i just bought a GE GE1105P DVD Player. It says it is compatible with VCDs. I made a quick cd-r vcd of a movie i made and it worked fine, though the dvd player's manual says "DO NOT Use CD-R Discs! The wave length of the pickup of this DVD player may cause CD-R discs to be erased. DO NOT play CD-R discs in this player!"

-- Ian Royal (ianroyal@astound.net), June 12, 2000.

I have a Pioneer DV-505. It recognizes Memorex Platninum CD-R's but they play very poorly. CD-RW's play fine on it. My parents have a Panasonic DVD-A112 which won't recognize anything. I created all the VCD's encoding with Ulead's software and burning with a HP 8215i using Adaptec 4.01c

-- Chris Holme (holme007@msn.com), June 20, 2000.

Philips DVD711 will play CD-r and CD-rw, but will not play most VCD's (even thought manual says it does)

Pioneer 525 plays everything. But, it is now obsolete and it doesn't have good features (like a zoom). The replacement Pioneer DV333 doesn't play CD-rw (I don't know why they got rid of that feature) but has many new features.

JVC 523 plays everything, but has a flicker problem with VCD's. I have a 60" TV. Even the best VCD player looks pretty bad on a 60" TV. The JVC looks a little bit worse. I haven't tried it on a smaller TV.

-- kireviewer (auranifoo@pacbell.net), July 10, 2000.

Sega Saturn VCD Card will play originals and Cdr's.

-- Johnny (JJDanger51@hotmail.com), July 16, 2000.

Try to use Silvers when recording VCD's whenever possible. It will help very much. Sega Saturn VCD Card works on CDr's and Originals. have a good one

-- Johnny (JJDanger51@hotmail.com), July 16, 2000.

I have a SONY S550D DVD-Player and it works fine with CD/RW (Brand=MMore). This goes for music and VCD's but it doesn't seem to swallow CD/R (also MMore). Has anyone any experience with other brands LET ME KNOW. Now I can copy my own films to VCD but I haven't managed to make some kind of menu so I can choose languages and/or subtitles. Is this possible or not, has anyone got any experience with this. Again LET ME KNOW.


-- Sander van Tongeren (sandervt@wishmail.nl), July 25, 2000.

Ihave a SONY-S530D and it plays only the silver CD-R's, I have not yet tried CDR-W's but it seems from reading this forum that it will work better. My only question is if you have close the CDR-W or can you leave it open? This may be a stupid question, nonetheless CDR- W's are a little more expensive and if I can re-use them, that would be great. Also, I am using CD Creator 4.0 and it seems to work well. A few minor skips on the VCD but not too bad for a CD-R. Thanks to the host of this site, it has been very helpful. Jason

-- jason (jajamke@yahoo.com), August 07, 2000.

Does anyone know if the panasonic DVD A150 can play CD-R or CD-RW VCD.

-- Nils Gaup (puffcrew@online.no), August 21, 2000.

There has been no mention of the Samsung 709. Can anyone enlighten me???


-- Alex Wright (alex@topscooby.co.uk), September 04, 2000.

HI does anyone know if my dvd player a JVC XV-511 dvd player plays either cd-r or cd-rw please let me know ok thanks

-- Roberto Sanchoyerto (coolguy3030@hotmail.com), September 26, 2000.

Does anyone know if the Pioneer DV333 works with CDR/CDRW? Same with the JVC XV-521BK? and RCA 5215P?

Thanks, Eugene.

-- Eugene (eugene.couto@utoronto.ca), October 02, 2000.

APEX 703A Circut City has them for $229.00 In includes zoom & 5.1 sound (Hard to find in a player under $500.00) If you look around most players don't even HAVE 5.1 sound. It plays CD'R, CD-RW, MP3, DVD, vcd, xvcd, svcd, and mpeg 1 bitrates up to 3000 (That is as high as I am able to capture) AND it is even a 3 disk changer!!!!

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (kilingspam@aol.com), October 02, 2000.

take a look at what others have reported works with their dvd players:



-- hitechjunkie (jconde@tidalwave.net), October 05, 2000.



-- BRUCE EVANS (bevans0@lineone.net), October 16, 2000.

My Sony DVP-S330 plays CD-RW without any problems, but refuses to play CD-Rs

-- (needle@cyberdude.com), October 21, 2000.

I have a General Electric 1106P DVD player and have not had any luck with playing VCDs burned with Nero software. However, they do work on my DVD player in my computers. I have tried CD RW, Memorex Music CD- R, and Imation CD-R. Any ideas? Has anyone had any luck with this machine??? Please Please let me know.....email me please! I will be eternally grateful.

-- Dave Dingus (drdcpa@yahoo.com), November 04, 2000.

I have a Samsung DVD-611. This player claims it plays DVDs, Audio CDs, and VCDs. I have burned a VCD image (using Toast) to a CDR. The CDR does not play in the DVD player. Help anyone?

-- VW lover (gtiguy156@hotmail.com), November 19, 2000.

On the topic of CDRW vs CDR discs in dvdplayers, it has to do with the reflectivity. CDRW disc use a 'platinum-like' mirror finish on the bottom, which gives it an VERY high reflectivity. CDR discs on the other hand, use blue/green/gold/silver/etc for the DYE!, even though they use those colors for they dye, the reflective material used is STILL SILVER OR GOLD!. The difference comes in with the absorbtion of the dye itself, the lighter colored dyes (light green, slilver, and gold) do not absorb the light as much as the darker colored dyes.

As a general rule of thumb, do this: Hold up the CDR to your monitor (open up wordpad, or something with a white background). look through the CDR disc and see if you can see through the disc. If you can see through the disc, the reflection of the laser will be a lot lower than one that you cant see through, now, look at the color of the underside itself. if you can see silver/gold, the reflection will be much higher vs if you see green or blue (dark colors).

In my experience, Ricoh platiunum CDRs have the highest reflection rating that ive ever seen, they have outstanding resistance to scratches, a great top coating, and the refelection value is above 85%

Also, remember that a DVD or CD that is pressed from the factory has a refelction value close to 100% if not AT 100% (some are cheaper and can vary down to as low as 98 or 97%). To ensure your best chance of getting a CDR disc to play, find out the reflection rating of the CDRs you are buying BEFORE you buy them, look for ones that have a rating of about 85% or more, most of them you will find have ratings around 70%.

Hope this helps some of you.

-- Pat (
pnb@umr.edu), November 28, 2000.

actually cdrw's have a metal layer impregnated into them making them cdrw. When you rewrite them the [write]laser hits this surface and and changes the media.
A cdr doest not have this and is only able to be written to once.
The dye normally has to do with the quality of resin used to make the cdr, cdrw. cdr's are little plastic balls about the size of bb's in their raw form. If you EVER get the chance to go to a replication convention PLEASE GO. They have some really neat stuff. If you saw how they write video tapes you would be laughing at the process. (It is really ingenious how it is done, it's just fun to watch) Miles of videotape all spilled out like ribbon.

-- Billy boy boy boy (kilingspam@aol.com), November 29, 2000.

Well I think I have succeeded in finding a CDR that works with Samsung DVD-709. VIVASTAR CDR's 80min available from Argos stores. My DVD now plays CD-Audio from these, waiting to checkout how it deals with VCD's on the same disks.


-- Alex (alex@topscooby.co.uk), December 11, 2000.

I've got DVDit! Has anyone burned a DVD from computer with this program and have it read on a player?

-- Jade (jadearcade@yahoo.com), December 12, 2000.


-- bud (bud@aol.com), December 12, 2000.

Well, this is an Intresting thread indeed! I own a Panasonic A110 and it will not read a CDRW or CDR. Most DVD players will not due to the fact that authorizing DVD hardware and software is in joint with most movie and record companys. This action is forced due to copyright laws/agreements and such. For others its just a matter of software.

This does put a damper on the people who like to authorize there own personal DVD's or VCD's. I do alot of digital video work and can authorize any format of DV in D1 to D3. Its just too bad I cant play my discs on my DVD home player.

U see, all our DVD players can play CDRs or CDRWs. Its not in the hardware, but in the software or player system BIOS where the firmware is located. To make a DVD player play a CDR is just a matter of making it recognize the CDR/RWs TOC or table of contence.

The manufacture of the DVD player could update this Firmware almost the same way you would with a CD Burner off of the net. (too bad they arent willing to do it.)

If anyone knows how to do this please let us know.

There is also another way to make a DVD player read a CDR. Its all in the TOC so if u can make a program that will burn a CDR with the QL of a Pressed CD then the toc can be read when burst and focus is done on disc load to the player. this should trick the player into thinking the disc is a normal cd and not a cdr.

so if anyone also knows how to do this, please fill us in.

About the CDR vs CDRW media. CDRW works on MAGNITO OPTICAL technology. a Laser heats up the matallic surface while an electro magnet changes the state of the surface layers. CDR works by a laser which uses UV light to make the dye on the disc go transparent simulating pits like on a normal cd.

BTW, reflection rate of a cd dosnt make that much of a difference. only timing layers do, if u see a transparent look to the cdr that means that the timing layer is not as reflective. So stay with discs that are darker. Blues tend to be the best cause the blue dye can turn over better then most dyes and cause blue absorbs red or IF light then the refraction rate is better when the surface is changed.

Anyways.... hope this helps a bit.

-- Jordon F (jfjungle@hotmail.com), December 22, 2000.

The Pioneer DV-434 works fine.

-- Stefan Boettrich (boettrich@hotmail.com), December 31, 2000.

OK, as promised an update on the Vivastar CDR's. They work on the Samsung 709. I had to burn it as VCD V2.0 tho' as the plater didn't like 1.1. This is dead easy as Nero support writing V2.0 Discs. I am now a very happy person burning my own Vids to CD.


-- Alex (alex@topscooby.co.uk), January 02, 2001.

I have a DVD player Sony S300, and I tried several Cd-R and Cd-Rw. Till now I found only the PRINCO 80 min. The player read them.

-- silvio Trotolo (sivio.trotolo@libero.it), January 02, 2001.

My Panasonic A-110 will play CD-RW VCDs that I burnt but will not play CDRs.

I have another question. Can one burn a DVD format/files on CD-R/CDRW and play them on a DVD player? ( It may only be a 10-30 min clip)

-- Pratik Gupta (pgupta@nc.rr.com), January 16, 2001.

Sharp DV710 plays only commercial DVDs and CDs. Home made CD-Rs don't work.

-- Barry Klei (bsklein@pacbell.net), January 21, 2001.

I have an Oritron DVD200, and I have read reports that it works with the Memorex CD-RW Platinum, if you use the cheat code to enable VCD playback. I have tried numerous times with different media. Nothing works. I have come to the conclusion that it may be my burner. Any one explore the differences different burners make?

-- Shannon Spurling (Shannon@more.net), February 01, 2001.

I have a Sony S530D and it does NOT play CD-R disks.

My understanding of the Sony players is that only the ones with the "Dual Discrete" laser (which is the 7700 and S330) will play CD-R (but not CD-RW's).

-- Jimi (Jimi@TheDodgeFamily.com), February 08, 2001.

I have a Samsung 709,To get a vcd to work you need traxdata silver or a samsungcd-r 74s disk.This works just fine,I have a large collection on both these disk brands.

-- Gary Cass (darthcass@btinternet.com), February 22, 2001.

My Creative Encore wll play cd cd-r and cd-rw fine

-- Bob McJim (trials@bikerider.co.uk), February 26, 2001.

Buy only APEX or Pioneer DVD players they work great with everything and i mean everything. CDR/CDRW and SVCD. All APex's play MP3 CDRS and CDRW's also. I own both my Pioneer is a DVC-503. My friends own many diff. pioneers and all play everything.(pioneers do not play mp3) Apex only has 3 models out and all play everything. You can get them cheap at circuit city or Bestbuy.com. Apex $129-179 depending on model. Pioneer $169-infinity. depending on model. Have a good one.

-- ? (JJDanger51@netscape.net), February 26, 2001.

I have a sony DAV-S300 dvd ( which is still available ) and it plays cd-rw's o.k but not cd-r's.It also plays c.d and v.c.d. Hope this helps !!.

-- Tony Vernon (tony@1200mhz.fsnet.co.uk), February 28, 2001.

I have a Sony DVP-S360 and it will not play any cdr. But I haven't tried rewrittibles.

-- D'Arcy Horton (darce@islandtelecom.com), March 20, 2001.

I have a sony s360 and it wont play cd-r. I still have to try cd-rw. I just saw a ad in Rolling Stone magazine for a Video-cd burner that will let you hook up any format, vcr, tv,mini dv or music to it and record video Cd on the fly. It also plays all dvd and video cds. The brand of the player is Terapin Cd Video Recorder price is 499.00 Go to goterapin.com to get the info on the model. Llander45@hotmail.com

-- Andy W. (Llander45@hotmail.com), March 20, 2001.

I have Sony DVP-S530D. I was able to play a VCD that I made with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0 with Memorex professional RW CD. I didn't get any menu but at least some success after wasting 5 CD-R. My next quest is to make VCD with Nero.

-- Tae (silvercrx@yahoo.com), March 21, 2001.

I have a Sony DVP-S560D. I was able to play a VCD that I made with Roxio Video CD Creator (Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0) using TDK 8x CDRW. PBC functions work flawlessly. The newer Sony units do not support CDRs due to their low reflectivity. Now I'm happy. I can capture MPEG- 1 videos from my CamCorder (or several other sources) using my ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon video card and distribute them using the CDRWs. Very cool!!!

BTW - Don't install TakeTwo off the Roxio Easy CD Creator distribution CD. Your system will not restart if you do!!! Use the Custom install and deselect TakeTwo instead. According to Roxio, an upgrade for TakeTwo will be available for download from their Support Web Site soon. Don't install it till then - Forewarned is Forearmed!!

-- Robert Sunderland (rssunde@netscape.net), March 24, 2001.

I was wondering....wouldn't asking a someone at a store about the ability to play vcd on a cd-r make it look like you are...you know... what would be a good reason for wanting this feature?

-- deathblow2000 (Death_Blow_2000@hotmail.com), April 01, 2001.

I have a sony DVP- 536D dvd player im trying to pay my own VCDs on the damm thing, but cant get it to work I have the nero burning software but it does not play, when i write a super vcd it plays but no picture or sound just the counter going. I have read the forum here and it suggest a silver coated cd rom blank disc. Is this right can anyone help me here. I have wasted A lot of blank cds now im using a cd which i can re wite on at the moment so i dont waste anymore. Anyways can u get a blank cd which is silver instead the the funny greeny type color. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE DO EMAIL ME BACK thanks M Herbert

-- M Herbert (lmn.herbert@btinternet.com), April 16, 2001.

My VCR won't play any VCDs no matter how hard I tried. Can anyone help?

-- Briliant (Genius@Intelligenceiii.com), April 22, 2001.

I have a Panasonic DVD-RV65. The User Guide claims to support the playing of DVD, VCD and Audio CD's. However the same user guide says it does not support CD-R and CD-RW.

Well, I tried burning a VCD onto CD-R media and it will not play in the player.

So if the player supports VCD but not CD-R, how do you create a VCD? Is there VCD specific media out there?

-- Chris

-- Chris Rizzo (chris@rizzo.ws), May 15, 2001.

My Sony DVP-S360 will play Video CD's just fine using Imation brand CDRW media. I haven't tried any CDR's, although from reading other posts they probably will not work.

-- Andy Bauer (knnniggett@hotmail.com), May 16, 2001.

My DVD (Sony something) does play VCDs but only if they are recorded on a 74-min CD. For some reason it won't recognize an 80-minute CD whether it is audio or video.

-- Mbasa Mongot (mongo@yahoo.com), June 15, 2001.

Hey ive got a Sarp DV-710 and it supports dvds, audio cds and vcds. The only problem is it says in the manual that it doesnt support cd-r or cd-rw. Well ive tryed tons of audio and vcd cd-r's and none work except for this one music cd copy i burned. It works like every 1/2 times. hmmmmm i dont understand why thats the only cd ive ever burned that works sometimes. Im thinking it has to do with the color of cd. I still have to try cd-rws. If anyone knows about any ways to get the dvd player to read cd-r, tell me. thanks

-- Tristan Lopez (tristan_lopez@hotmail.com), June 20, 2001.

My Sony DVP-S336 does not play CD-R or CR-RW according to the manual. It plays TDK CD-RW allright though! I haven't had it play other RW- brands or TDK CD-R.

-- Thorsten Dörge (thorsten.dorge@get2net.dk), June 22, 2001.

I haven't got an answer, only another, perhaps even the same question. Never mind CDR and CDRW. What I'd like to know is which DVD players will play an original VCD, or any VCD which is "pressed", professionally. Does the resulting list increase substantially? Will they all do it, or most? Do you get the distinction?

-- Jack Bidnik Esq. (jabid@hotmail.com), June 28, 2001.

I have a Samsung DVD-611 and it says it will play Video-CDs but does not. Anyone get this player to work playing CD-Rs or CD-RWs?

-- Bill (bscott@columbus.rr.com), July 05, 2001.


-- bob gold (ratebg@aol.com), July 06, 2001.

My Sony dvp s525d plays commerical vcds which will answer one previous question - there is a difference between them and homemade vcds. The sony also manages ok with vcds and audio cdr if they are burned on cdr-w media. All attempts by me to make vcds on cdr media have been failures apart from a little inconsistent success with a brand called JNL ( sorry I have no idea where to find them which probbaly dosen't matter because it was very limited success). With the JNL cdrs I manage an occassional reading by my dvd player - just enough to drive you nuts. Absolutely NO success with kodak, verbatim, mitsubishi or mrdata cdrs.

I see a lot of support for Princo cdrs and this site almost suggests they have something to offer. http://www.ioproducts.com/

If you want a good cd burning programme with VCD support you just cannot go past NERO http://www.ahead.de - they have a 30 day demo which you will regret not trying. I couldn't believe I only needed to 'drag' an mpg into a NERO project and then burn it to make a basis one track vcd ( with a few burning options of course)

That's it from me - would be great to hear if people are having success with Princo cdrs

-- Paul Yates (psy@nzspace.com), July 13, 2001.

ok, someone probably said this before, but i'm going to say it now..

VCD will only work on DVD players that allow CDR discs.. when i made my first VCD i put it into my cd-burner (because it said VCD) and hit the play button, but i kept getting "insert correct disc" anyway, you're going to have problems unless your dvd player supports cd-r.. which a lot do now, but i bought mine back in the day.

just to make sure you're not doing the VCD process wrong, get an audio cd that you made, and you know works.. put it into the dvd player, and chances are it won't play.. that's how you know..

-- yo (yolkarmy@optonline.net), July 21, 2001.

i just tested my Panasonic DVD SC-HT80. it wont read cdr's but when i burned a vcd with a cdrw it worked like a charm...the key is to have the highest refraction percent possible, like someone already stated...just wanted to let u all know.

-- Paul (blizzard83@billsfan.net), July 27, 2001.

I use an old Panasonic A100, this will not recognise CDR/CD-RW discs, the manual warns against trying to play them. Does anyone know of anything better than Nero for burning VCDs, if so please let me know ;-)

-- michael harrison. (mh2360@aol.com), July 28, 2001.

I have a Sony DVP-S363 DVD player. The manual says that it will play VCDs but not CDR, CDRW, photoCD, etc. It doesn't play CDRs from Imation or Fuji (audio or VCD). I have burned a VCD on an iomega CD-RW and it plays great. I'll try other CD-RWs and update this posting. I used Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and it is pretty easy.

-- Kevin (kandc1@earthlink.net), July 28, 2001.

I have a Sony DVP-S330. Sony site says that only DVD players that have "dual discrete" will play CD-R and CD-RW. And those with "Dual Focus" or "Dynamic Focus" will not play CD-R. However all Sony DVD players will play CD-RW, the Sony website claims. So I burned a Video-CD on a 4X CD-RW Acer and does not work! I am gonna have to go buy a TDK CD-RW and see if that will work, cause I read its better.

-- Joe Flux (joeflux@hotmail.com), July 29, 2001.

I got an Gradiente D-10 (Brazil) that just works simply fine, and I`m sure that Gradiente D-12 and the greatest D-22 also plays VCDs.

-- Marcelo Ribeiro de Almeida (marcelrj@connection.com.br), August 06, 2001.

My Panasonic A120 Does NOT seem to want to play any CD-R's.

-- CoIg (icoig@hotmail.com), September 20, 2001.

I have a Panasonic A-110.

It will not play CD-R or CD-RW. Have tried both Adeptic [4.x and Roxio 5.x] and Nero to write VCD's. With both Appz and CD-types the machine will not even read the disc. You can hear the laser pickup move to the beginning of the disc and then immediately displays "NO DISC".

That's my $0.02 worth.

-- Eldon Balzer (ebalzer@home.com), October 02, 2001.

my sony dvp s530d will not play cdr, but will do cdrw:) not supposed to but it did work

-- Jay (jaydss@yahoo.com), October 07, 2001.


I have a Sony DVP-S725, and I can't read any CD-R (CD audio, VCD, SVCD...) with it. The official position of Sony (in France) is to say : It's not possible to read CDR with DVP-S725.

But with CD-RW, I have NO PROBLEM !! It just take a couple of seconds to recognize the CD-RW.

-- Bruno SILVA (bruno.silva@bigfoot.com), October 11, 2001.

Can somebody please help me on this... How about playing CD-R VCD's on a Dreamcast console using a VCD boot disc. I saw one, but i don't if it works.

-- Hebleen Brenes (hebleeneli@hotmail.com), October 12, 2001.

I have a Sony PS2 and I've tried burning my mpeg files into a cd-r with roxio easycreator 5.0 platinium and it won't play. It tell me to insert a PS or a PS2 disc.Maybe there is a way of confusing the player with a game or something and play my burned VCDs. I haven't tried real VCDs. The search is on ."THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE".

-- Nick Gonzalez (Gonal@bellsouth.net), October 15, 2001.

I have an Apex 500, that will play anything:(DVD, VCD MPEG3, Cd etc. I have a Terrapin VCD recorder that will record VCD's from any source: (DVD, TV video audio, VCR video audio, ) etc. These of course, are standalone units. Every VCD I have recorded on the Terrapin is playable in my computer, my Apex DVD, and I also have a NAPA portable VCD/cd player that will plug in to any TV with an audio/video input and playback. All of the above mentioned units will play CD-Rs and CD- RWs. Total investment for all the above about $700 dollars. I record on cd-rs that cost me about 19 cents each....thay work on all units. The Apex DVD player will record a DVD to the Terrapin with no problem, except for the expected loss in quality camparing a DVD to a VCD. I have recorded many of my camcorder videos to VCD with hardly any loss in quality. Just check things out before you buy.

-- Dennis Mitchell (dmkfun@newmexico.com), October 17, 2001.

hello, i have a Panasonic SA-DK2, it will play CD-RW ever now and again, but not CDR. Is there anyway of getting it to play CDR. PLEASE HELP!!!

-- Lachy Murray (lachy_murray@bigpond.com), October 28, 2001.

Apex AD600a Plays vcd's created on a CDR & CDRW disk Go Video Model 4000 The dvd & Vcr combo will not play CDR or CDRW disks or VCD

-- Dexter (abcntm@aol.com), November 29, 2001.

I have a PhilipsDVD702 which plays cd-r and cd-rw very well.It is still manufactured.

-- Dhruv Puri (dhruvdude@aol.com), December 06, 2001.

I have the Samsung DVD-M101 and it plays VCDs but not those that I burn on CD-R. Anybody know of a CD-R brand that will work to play VCDs on this model of DVD player? Thanks.

-- Chris (chrisl@email.com), December 07, 2001.

I'm getting a Sony DVP NC600 5 disc DVD player for X-mas and wanted to know if it plays VCD's, etc. The specs say that it plays both CDR and CDRW. But it doesn't say anything about VCD's. I really want to burn some things I've downloaded and play it, but I don't know if it would work. Does anybody know? I'd just try it and see, but I don't get it till Christmas and I really wanted to start making stuff before that.

-- Melissa Becker (missyB9479@msn.com), December 15, 2001.

I just got a Philips DVD619. I have not tried to play a Video CD on it yet but I have tried a music CDR. The music CDR would not load at all but a music CDRW works just fine. Hopefully this will also be true with a VCD. I will let everbody know.

-- Devin Meyer (devinbmeyer@hotmail.com), December 19, 2001.

I have a Sony NS300 DVD/CD player. I have not opened it yet because it was a gift and would like to know if it can play burned dvds or cds. Does anyone know? Please e-mail me.

-- C (Funmania@aol.com), January 01, 2002.

I have an Oritron 650 and i tried to burn a VCD on a CD-R and my DVD player didn't recognize it, I will try it on an CD-RW, but if any one knows any thing please email me.

-- Dave (foxer425@aol.com), January 01, 2002.

About this topic, I am interested in knowing how do you capture good analog video on computer and then burn it on CDR? I have tried a TV/Tuner Card with video capture for capturing my HI-8 video, it gaves me a big file in AVI and when I played it, the picture jerked and the image blurred. After burning it on the VCD with Nero 5.5X (which converted it to mpeg format), I played it on PC and DVD/VCD player. I had the same problem with the video quality. The sound was also bad. It had some "tingling" noise in the background. I don't know what had gone wrong. Can someone give me some good technical advice? Thanks

-- Kolo lee (kololee@hotmail.com), January 02, 2002.

Hope someone can help...

I burned a short bit of MPG to a CDR VCR and my Pioneer 444 detects its a VCD but will not playback the file. When i use the OSD of the DVD player it lists 1 track with a length of 00.00 secs and a total disc time of something like 9846.45 secs.

I'm using Roxio 5 Platium to burn.

Ive got a couple of VCD's i burned from an ISO ages ago and they play fine, but when I try to make my own VCD's from MPG files it simply wont have it.

It plays MP3 discs no problem so i dont think the problem is with CDR's themselves.

The VCD's will play ok using PowerDVD on my PC, but the Poineer wont have them at all.

Ive made about 15 "tea-coasters" so far. What am i doing wrong ?

-- Steve (dude@btconnect.com), January 02, 2002.


After a few more experiments, burning VCD's with EasyVCD works no problem and my Pioneer 444 is happy to play them back.

So the problem is obviously in the Roxio stuff somewhere.

Oh well, I'm happy now.

-- Steve (dude@btconnect.com), January 02, 2002.

I have a panasonic A350 DVD player, the machine will only play CDRW type disks. I have tried all types of CDR disks,I think it has something to do with the laser punching through the single layer on the CDR, as the CDRW disks have a thicker layer they seem to work fine.

-- Bryce Taylor (brycetaylor@itecsolutions.co.nz), January 14, 2002.

anybbody know anything about a roadstar dvd player. It says VCD on the back but doesn't play CDRs? Should I even try CDRWs? Does the burning rate matter?

-- Chris Plüss (xp469@hotmail.com), January 15, 2002.

I have the samsung m301 and it plays vcd, cd, and mp3

-- Louis Carter (carterlouis@yahoo.com), January 18, 2002.

My Panasonic RV30 will play CD-RW but not CD-R (havent' tried highly reflective CD-R yet).

In answer to the question about Panasonic playing VCD, but not CDR or CD-RW, I guess they mean commerical VCDs.

I have tried CDRs in my Panasonic and then played them on my computer with no trouble.

-- cmlove (dlove@grmslaw.com), January 18, 2002.

The good folks at VCD Help have a list of DVD players and what formats/etc they support. Try http://www.vcdhelp.com/dvdplayers.php. Note that it appears that specific types of CD-R media can vary in how readable they are. I have an XBox as my DVD player, and people have been trying various types of media/software with varying success - see http://xbox.aimx.net/.

-- Ernest Cheng (echeng25@hotmail.com), January 29, 2002.

I have a GE1106P and tried sony brand cdr's. they dont work at all believe me! i dont think its compatible with any cdr. I have yet tried rw's. i will post the answer later on.

-- Justen Yadao (kanakattack70@hotmail.com), March 04, 2002.

my xbox wont play vcds. pisses me off!

-- huah (huah@huah.com), March 11, 2002.

I'm just learning about the wonderful world of Video CDs. I just burned an MPEG-1 clip onto a Maxell (blue hue) CDR a month ago using my friends computer (NTI CD Maker Pro Version 3.5). I was able to play it in my DVD player at home. The quality of the video was very good compared to VHS tape, however the soundtrack had a bad hiss. Even with the bad audio, i was hopeful my cd/rw could burn VCDs for me. Last night I downloaded the recent trial version of NTI CD Maker Pro (2000) and attempted to burn the same MPEG-1 file onto the same media as before. The software told me it was successful and I was able to read it in my cd/rw drive (I could examine all files contained on the disk). When I put it in the same DVD player as before, it reads, "no disk". I tried burning at different speeds (1x, 2x, and 4x) and nothing helped.

Therefore, it leads me to believe that a good quality CD/RW burner would help along with good media in order for factory DVD players to recognize the disks.

My question goes out to those who are successful and happy with their VCD's they create and can play back: "What make/model of CD/RW drive do you use, what media do you use, and what burning software do you use?"

P.S. Could the quality of the burning process affect the quality of the audio?

-- Gilbert Iness (mginess@aol.com), March 21, 2002.

Just go to www.vcdhelp.com and it will answer everyone's questions.

-- (cselk@eiu.edu), April 04, 2002.

I have a sony dvp s336 it plays vcd & audio on pyrod 90 min ok also the same on EMTEC cd-rw the cheaper brand don't work.

-- Paul Warren (jasper@acay.com.au), April 05, 2002.

For all those who have sony dvp's: THE PLAYER CAN ONLY READ SILVER COLORED CD-r's THat'S WHY CD-RW's WORK (most cd-rw's are silver), BUT YOU CAN ALSO USE SILVER cd-R's

-- Pavan Dalal (HomieG340@yahoo.com), April 07, 2002.

I've got a GE 1106P, and it doesn't play CD-R's. I've tried. anyone else have luck?

-- Drew Perry (siameseDream129@aol.com), May 24, 2002.

Well. my Sony ns300 does not read silver cd-r (not TDK, Traxdata, silvercircle not even those verbatim metal azo someone mentioned) now I will try those princos if I find them. We will see. Maybe it has something to do with the burning options???

-- Al (ilduce@gmx.net), June 24, 2002.

I have a Sony DVP-S336 which I have spent months trying various cdr's and have just found that Vivastar CDR work fine. Hope this helps someone out cos I couldn't find this out anywhere.


-- Steve (pop_music_stinks@yahoo.com), July 29, 2002.

My GE1106P refuses to play and cd-r, cd-rw, and dvd-r. I have tried virtually every type of disk and NOTHING works. I finally got the heart to call GA and ask a tech....no non-commercilal disk will work is the story i got from Marshall at GE.

-- Jeff (jeff-kim1@juno.com), October 30, 2002.

The Sony DVP-s360 and s500 will only play 74min cd-rw's. 80min won't work. The ones that work the best for me are Maxell Music 74min CD- RW's. I contacted Sony to ask them about my discovery, and they said if it works go for it. Hope that helps someone.

-- A-Dubb (adubb123@dbz.zzn.com), November 24, 2002.

Ok Sony DVD players that wont play cd-rs, try using cd-rs with a blue dye they work perfectly on my ns300

-- Jel (a.wharrier@btinternet.com), November 26, 2002.

i have a toshiba 120ee that was chipped to play all regions ,wont play cdr at all us decided to purchase another player ,good luck

-- stuart (stuart@whitfields44.freeserve.co.uk), January 23, 2003.

My General Electric 1106P DVD plays CD-Rs recorded at 2X, and sometimes it plays 8X (depending on the media).

-- Alex (palal12@yahoo.com), April 02, 2003.

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