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I have prepared a ~30 minute non-technical slide presentation that virtually proves that we will fall far short of achieving y2k compliance by 12/31/99. I have written about 45 letters to local mayors, Rotary clubs and other civic organizations, but so far the only opportunities I've received to speak were generated through personal contacts (two so far). I am pulling out all stops to make my case so that our local communities here in central New Jersey will have a chance to prepare emergency personnel and equipment.

I would appreciate anything forum participants could do to help me pursuade local governments and/or civic groups to allow me the opportunity to make this presentation. I am not selling anything. This presentation has absolutely NO commercial angle.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Roger Altman

-- Dr. Roger Altman (rogaltman@aol.com), August 26, 1998


Place small ads on all the bulletin boards you can find (grocery stores, libraries, colleges, barber shops, malls, laundromats, car washes, etc.) Run small ad in local newspapers. Carry cards w/ your name and phone to hand out to people you talk with in grocery lines. Keep sending letters: Council of Churches, charity groups, PTA/PTO. Look in yellow pages under Associations; Clubs. Try gun clubs, sportsman organizations. Follow up your letter with a phone call. Keep a database of everyone to whom you have written and send another letter in 60 days. Make and wear a button/t-shirt saying "Ask me about Y2K". Get a kid to distribute fliers; ask newspaper delivery person to insert them in midweek paper. Make pamphlets and distribute to small stores, libraries. List yourself as a community prep group on the Cassandra Project website. Put up a website; include the URL in all your ads.

Don't give up! By the way, you are including suggestions/resources for preparation, aren't you? Willing to share your slides? If so, please email me. Thanks. And Good Luck!

-- Faith Weaver (faith-weaver@usa.net), August 26, 1998.

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