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How does the y2k problem affect personal computers in the home? I have a home-based business and have several mailing list databases on a UMAX Powermac that I purchased new in the fall of 1997. I am using Mac OS 7.5.3. Am I ok?

-- (, August 25, 1998


This is the wrong forum for this question. See if you have access to newsgroups from your ISP, and try the newsgroup

-- Amy Leone (, August 25, 1998.

Macs do not have an operating system problem, bios problem, nor RTC problem with y2k. That part of your system is OK. [wintel users do have a problem in these areas, as well as with the microsoft os, including win95 and win98].

You can check this out at the apple web site.

Applications are something else. You'll have to check out the data base software yourself.

BTW, this post is more on-topic than 95% of the others I see here. Why is it the wrong forum? Because amy doesn't know mac?

-- james j doe (, August 25, 1998.

This is a great question for this forum - and there should be a simple solution. Go to the time/date function on your Mac, set the date at December 31, 1999, then run the program. Reset the date for January 3, 2000, and rerun the program. See if you get the same results. If so, there is probably no problem. .

-- Dan Hunt (, August 25, 1998.

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