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This just in from Sister Mask:

MICHAEL WRIGHT, one of the most faithful writers, has had a great summer. Went to BYU for a music workshop that was wonderful and was able to see some sights there in UT, since that was the first time he had been there as a touritst. Also had the opportunity to visit some Church History sights and especially loved the Sacred Grove and Hill Cumorah. His mom, Karen, also wrote. Thanks Karen!

MARIE ISON spent the summer working in her major as a landscape designer and bidder for a small company and competely landscaped her parents new home. She's still trying to be the best missionary she can be and is going back to the "Y". (Marie and everyone else, I didn't do the II Timothy scripture. I just forwarded. I don't have the time or the talent, but I loved it!)

SCHERIS WARMBRODT still struggles and wishes she could be faithful. She misses the spirit but is "worldly happy" She has a great job and is going to school. She sends me inspirational stories and object lessons that have come in handy for zone conferences etc. Thanks, Scheris.

DAVID NELSON felt "good pride" to hear the successes of his former companions and piso mates and feel he had a small part in their progress. ("Oh! and let drivers know the ratio between kilometers PH and MPH. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that 180 KPH was about 110 MPH!!!) :D Don't you remember when I ws trying to tell you that in Valencia that day wehn you made it from barcelona in 2 yours!?! He is now married and I'm sure, loving life. CONGRATULATIONS!!

DUSTIN STEPHENSEN teaches 17 & 18 year olds in SS and often uses notes from Zone Conferences. Sometimes he has 15 in his class. He's studying hard, into biking again and contemplating some racing. He's thinking about leaving his comfort zone and contemplating marriage a lttlie more seriously. Hm-m-mmm, Dustin. Anyone imparticular?

KYLE SHEFFER is married!! CONGRATULATIONS!! He said he loved the "Faith" article.

CARISSA BROWN is working at Dillards as a sales person. She ran into Jeremy Cowdell and told me about his engagement before he did. Did lunch with Carmina (Alicante) and Andy Blunt. Says Amy Hiatt is off on a canoing trip in Canada, but they plan to go to BYU this semester. DAVID ABLE is teaching food safety standards in Spanish and working with the Spanish speaking employees at Rayley's. Talked to his grandmother from Mexico in Spanish for the first time and loved it. And says "It's great to write to someone in Spain. It keeps something alive"! (David, who's Bob and how many bees does he have?)

JEREMY COWDELL was engaged. Now he's married! CONGRATULATIONS!! His wife, the former Amber Leavitt, is from Las Vegas and plays volleyball for Dixie. Jeremy is studying to pass the tests for insurance and mutual funds. And then he just mentioned-- "I bought a house the other day"-- Kind of like you or I would say, I bought a shirt the other day. That's wonderful, Jeremy.

RICH DAY is a loan officer for a mortgage company and has his own office!! He is engaged to a sister of Elder Jorgensen, but no wedding date as of yet. He has gone to Lake Powell a couple of times this summer, has run into several Barcelona RM's, and hopes to return to Spain within the next several months.

CHRIS JACKSON reports that it ws 117 in AZ this summer. He was able to go to Tarek Williams farewell. He and Elder Williams along with some friends sang "Placenteronos Es Trabajar" as a special number. Chris also said he got to talk to Hector Escobar on the phone right after he got home and Chris said "Tal y tal was a really neat 'guy'" and there was silence on the other end of the line. He also is applying at the MTC. Chris, are you rooming with Rob Duffin again? I don't have his summer e-mail and so the messages to him are coming back.

RIK ANDES has formed a weekly temple trip group with several YA in his stake and likes that alot better than the superficial social gatherings. He plans to go to the "Y" for winter semester.

BRENNAN RAY went on tour with a basketball team from UT. They went to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. Tough work, but someone's got to do it. He will play B-ball for either Utah State or the "U" this next year.

HEATHER ASLETT is going to BYU this fall and has applied to go to Jerusalem for the study abroad program for Winter '99. and is RS pres for 110 sisters in her BYU ward. She is doing some better healthwise, but it's kind of slow.

THE STUBBS, for those of you who don't know, had a son die unexpectedly and had to cut their mission short a couple of weeks. (They went back to their original 18 month mission, and would have been released Aug 10th.) We really miss them. Their influence will be felt for a loooong time! We thank them for their unselfish sharing of their MANY and varied talents, their love, their time, and their willingness to help in whatever way they could, whenever they could-- even many times when they couldn't, they still were there tirelessly helping and giving. We love them and wish they were still here.

MEMORY ROBERTS and her group ran into some missionaries going home from other European missions in the NY Airport. She said it made her very thankful for having served in the Lighthouse Mission of Europe with such high standards. She said their appearance, language and conduct were not up to what they should be as messengers of the Lord Jesus Christ. She REALLY noticed it. She is applying for BYU also and is having fun on various trips and activities with the YA in her stake.

ANDY BLUNT, ever the missionary, is working on is best friend, and says it's looking good. He hasn't been home much since his return. He's been planying, being a camp counselor, family reunion, etc. But he misses the mission and Spain.

HECTOR ESCOBAR was abe to go to the temple w/parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, a sister and husband-- to witness the sealing of his other sister to her new husband. He said it was the first sealing he had ever witnessed and it made him grateful for temple blessings and the new temple in Spain for all the Saints here. He has about 3 church jobs and is looking forward to engineering school at UTEP.

JOSH HOLMGREN is dating another sister of Elder Jorgensen. It's looking pretty serious, but I'm not spilling any beans. He is working as an electrician along with his twin brother.

JEREMY TAYLOR is working and going to school in Ut; not sure where. this info came from his parents.

ELDER JOSH ANDERSON had problems with his knee that seemed irreperable here in Spain. He went home a few weeks ago, had surgery, healed rapidly and has just been re-assigned to the Texas Houston South Mission. May the Lord bless you Elder Anderson. We miss you but are grateful to have you well and to have known you. See you at the reunions!!

KIMBALL LARSEN arrived home and said it was good to see his family-- especially his 2 1/2 year old brother--but he wanted to know about the baptisms this month in Albecete!! One will be baptized this Sunday, Kimball and the other one, they are working on.

JEFF MATSEN had a harrowing summer troop training. Spent half of it in mud ditches teaching how to be a good soldier and the other half, driving(?) yachts to Maine and back for the Navy!! Having a choice, I pick the last half of the summer, Jeff. He's now back at West Pointe, going to classes, doing an "obnoxious" amount of homework, and attending Institute, but says the social scene is bleak. "There are about as many attracitve girls here as there are media referrals for Elche."

CAT DUEZ loves talking about missions with her other RM brothers and sisters. She says they all pretend they went to the best mission but she tells them she went to the "gladdest" mission! Her address is 6 Rue au Bois, 59148 Flines les Roches, France.

PAUL FREDENBERG still loves being a Mormon! He has been to UT and Lake Powell and will be starting school at U of MI and working at his old job, an insurance co. He also says he's found his eternal companion. She shares the "fire in his bones" for the gospel and they "have so much fun together". They are considering a fall wedding. I wonder if she'll still make ties for all the missionaries?

NICOLE WALKER wrote a nice letter reflecting on the blessings of her mission! I'm sure we all agree those blessings are numberless! AND they will keep coming for years to come. Nicole was Hermana Neilsen's (from Alaska) companion. They were a great companionship. A few months ago Hna Neilsen received word from home that her 18 yr old sister was making a bad choice in marriage. She prayed for her sister and the sister decided to go to Ricks for a semster first. Guess who was her roommate? Nicole Walker! and she had a tremendous positive influence on the sister, who decided she would not marry the man after all. Another blessing from serving a mission for Hna Neilsen and her whole family!

I will close, but know we love you and think about you often. Please spread the word in this news letter to other RM's and encourage them to e-mail us. Remember to remain valiant servants of the Lord and keep the your temple covenants. We are a blessed people! "And now as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God, and to be called his people, and are willing to bear one another's burdens, that they may be light; Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places...even unto death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life!" It's all true, my friends, and you are a great part of it. Thank you again for your dedication and love for the people of Spain. May the Lord bless you in all your righteous endeavors. We love you. We pray for you.

Love, Pte. y Hermana Mask PS: July and August Clarins to follow shortly.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1998


I just wanted to update everybody on what's going on now in my life. My wife, Karen, and I had a beautiful baby boy, Benjamin on January 7, 2000. He is a big baby and is growing just perfectly!!! My wife just got her masters in social work, and I have been accepted into the pharmacy program at the Univ. of Utah. This is an exciting time for the Sheffers. My wife served in Madrid, and so we have very tender memories of our service to all in Spain.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000

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