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I wanted to know if there were any on the forum who live in or around the Birmingham AL area. I would like to get a discussion and planning group started locally that would meet once a month. Are there any sincere forum subscribers who would be interested in such a thing. If so, please write. THANKS.

Garry Cain South Birmingham Area

-- Garry Cain (, August 24, 1998


Garry, We have a group meeting at Shades Mtn. Independent church on each Monday night at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. The church is located on Tyler Road in Hoover. You can reach me by email or 205-979-2575 work or 205-979-0234 home.


-- Walter Whitehurst (, August 24, 1998.

Since you guys are Alabama, I was wondering if you knew of a place in central or south Mississippi. I live in Los Angeles but am from Jackson, and I'd like to have a place for my parenst to go if necessary. (I may be joining them myself at some point.) Many thanks for your help, if you can.

scott in l.a.

-- Scott Albert (, August 28, 1998.

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