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Could i by any chance make up an army of excomunicated members of the space marines like the one that was featured in the free comic that was given away in White Dwarf, Where he was told to go in search of some relic he lost in a battle. Anyway could i make up a band of men that would be like a mercenary army who are all looking for the condition that would let them backk into the space marine chapter that they came from.

-- Andrew 'Pants' Whewell (sally.whewell@virgin.net), August 23, 1998


Dont see why not.....stats would be the same as for a standard chapter you could maybie throw the rules for making squads out the window and try something else..... did you read the article by W.kinrade in the journal concerning Covert X....the remains of a destroyed chapter? it might give you a few ideas....issue 22 i think? however small units would suffer from leadership penalties...but might be able to use disperced formations..... Each trooper would have his own selection of weapons now he is out of the chapter restraint (although if you have followed the full story of the blood quest in warhammer monthly, you would see that they still stick closely to the rules of the chapter.....) try some stuff out......

-- Brother jon (foo@barr.com), August 23, 1998.

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