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I've noticed a lot of people getting upset with the service they are receiving from some companies. I've also noticed people looking for other alternative suppliers to help with the incredible demand. We have been food storage distributors with Perma Pak for over 11 Years and would be glad to help. We still have food and are shipping within 4 weeks. Perma Pak is known in the Industry for the high quality products they offer. Yes, there is a difference! If you would like more information please email me at: or visit our site at:

-- Food Storage Solutions (, August 23, 1998


Thanks Vern,

Just thought I'd let you know our shipment of food arrived today and we couldn't be more excited. Even though I hope we don't have to use it, my feelings tell me that we probably won't be so lucky. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks for your concern.


-- Marcy (, September 17, 1998.

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