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The difference between 1900 and 2000 is only 1 day. There will be no global meltdown. Only a slight additional paper record will be needed. This is the worst case senario.This is simply another ploy to Make money. I have refited many computers for less than $100. Others will have to be replaced. My bank ran a test and had no problem with the y2k problem. This whole thing is a fake way to cause fear and make money for the doom and gloom sayers. I am not fooled or impressed. Dennis......

-- dennis pearson (, August 22, 1998


Step right Ladies and Gentlemen! Place your bets!

You can bet on Hamasake, Yourdon, North, Bennett, Webster, Yardeni, Should you lose, you will be stuck with a few thousand dollars worth of food and supplies that you can use anyway.

Or you can bet on our fiend Dennis. Should you lose, the stakes may very well be the lives of your children.

What do you say, any takers?

[Dennis, I imagine that I am a lot older than you. I have founded four companies, and now sit as the Chairman of an International Corporation, which I also founded. I feel that I am neither easily fooled nor impressed, but I can read.]

Ah, well. You can teach 'em but you can't learn 'em.

-- Lon Frank (, August 22, 1998.


I think your surviving relatives will miss you very much.

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 22, 1998.

Dear Dennis,

I would LOVE to believe you. Unfortunately I've read the GAO reports, Senator Bennetts testi- mony to congress and as said on the other reports some undisputable top ranking programmers Perhaps you should read more, and honestly I hope you'll come back and post again to tell us what evidence you found to substantiate your disbelief. I have a close relative who is in a position to be in the know who works for two major American car manufacturers and though he didn't believe at first he came back to me with acknowledgement that we are presently NOT year 2000 compliant within those two companies alone. If these two companies were to collapse, that alone will send us into a economic crisis you can't begin to imagine.

-- M.Doe (, August 22, 1998.

Dennis, My sincere appologies. Your post was honest and my sarcasm was unwarranted. I'm simply frustrated by friends and relatives who have given y2k a total of 3 minutes thought, and pronounce it "no big deal". In some cases, I know I will be the one feeding their children, if it comes to that. Seriously, do your homework. Read the various links and keep an open mind. You are obviously computer literate, so read Cory Hamasaki or Yourdon. By the way, no one has asked me for money, and I see little financial oportunity for the supposed "scaremongers".

Again, my appologies. If you agree not to jump to conclusions so readily, I'll promise to refrain from uncivil response.

-- Lon Frank (, August 22, 1998.

Patience is indeed a virtue.

Mr. Pearson, the Y2K issue produces "GI's" and "DGI's". You have identified yourself as a "DGI".

If you have to ask what a "DGI" is, then you confirm my conclusion. Please do yourself, and anyone else you care about, a big favor...



-Pastor Chris

P.S. You can start here:

-- Pastor Chris (, August 22, 1998.

I agree with the rest of these answers dennis. Please do us all a favor and come up with some evidence, any evidence that will substantiate your position. I will listen to anything that will prove a total collapse is not possible.

Thanks, and good luck finding that evidence.

-- Barry Crewse (, August 23, 1998.

At the risk of feeding the ego of an obvious troll, Dennis, please do some homework before so blithely dismissing y2k. Judging from your post (I have refited [sic] many computers for less than $100), you work on PCs, which are among the lesser of y2k-sensitive problems. Even they are not invulnerable -- check out Microsoft, Apple and IBM sites for their y2k fixes. Try to do some research, then come back and please, please prove to us that all this is a sham. Nothing would please us more.

-- J.D. Clark (, August 23, 1998.

Dennis, Citicorp is spending $650 million dollars to refit their computers - quite a bit more than the $100 you suggest it might take. Citicorp says that they will be the first y2k compliant bank (which must mean they don't believe that your bank is yet compliant, or it would be first). What is the name of your bank that has no Y2k problems? Have you ever wondered what in the worldCitibank could be spending all that time and money on it they didn't need to? Banks are not generally known for throwing money away. I suggest that you spend a few hundred hours researching the topic, like many of us who contribute to these forums have, before you jump to conclusions that could cost you great personal distress. Write to your bank and ask for a written quarantee that there will be no problems with any of their accounting systems, ATMs, interest calculations, etc, then post the answer to prove to us that they think they are compliant. Also ask them how they proved to the FDIC and the Federal Reserve Bank that they are Y2k compliant. These answers would be very enlightening to those of us who are concerned about what Y2k may bring. ...............

-- Dan Hunt (, August 23, 1998.

Dennis -

Given a set of two digit numbers, please to tell me what the next number AFTER 99 is.

The Y2K problem is about faulty counting which then leads to things getting massively out of sequence or just shuffled off down little traveled logic paths.


-- David Eddy (, August 24, 1998.

I just want to thank Lon for his graciousness, even though I saw nothing particularly uncivil in his response to Dennis' rather strident note. Thanks, Lon. May we all be as civil as you are. Will such civility survive Y2K? God, I hope so...

-- Bill Amos (, August 25, 1998.

Dennis; even if y2k was a a lie, what's the worst thing that would happen. We would a year or more of food storage (rotated properly) same for fuel and hopefully some form of barter material, like extra snowsuits, boots, gloves etc....The point to this is if you were to lose your job due to any reason you and your family would have the chance to maitain your lifestyle until you got new work. We'll soon know the truth. Better safe than sorry. I have been so cold I thought that I was going to die and I have been so hungry that I wished I was dead. It's not a preety place to be.

-- John R. McLellan (, August 27, 1998.

Received a check from CapitalOne(BankBoston) dated August 16, 2098 NOW WHAT GUY?????????????

-- Jerry McGovern (, August 27, 1998.

Jerry, why don't you call CapitolOne and tell them about your check??? An idiot would have done that the day the check was received. DUH!!

-- Smart One (, August 28, 1998.

<< Received a check from CapitalOne(BankBoston) dated August 16, 2098 NOW WHAT GUY????????????? >>

We need to start using emoticons here a little bit more. The bit in another thread about CapitalOne being part of BankBoston was a joke aimed at me. CapitalOne is an independent organization and has been sine 1995 when it was spun off from Signet. So far as I can determine, it has no significant ties to BankBoston whatsoever.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, August 28, 1998.

In rereading the post on the other thread that linked BankBoston and Capital One, I notice that Dave did in fact use an emoticon to indicate that this was a joke. In fact, it was a pretty good one and I compliment him on it.

Maybe we need an emoticon dictionary available to us. I've seen one in print. Anybody know of one on-line?

-- Paul Neuhardt (, August 28, 1998.

I appreciate a good dose of skepticism now and then, but in this situation it doesn't fly. Here is a brief list of people that are not selling anything, but ARE taking the Y2k crisis very seriously, as evidenced by their testimony in Congressional Hearings: U.S. Senators Bennett, Moynihan, D'Amato, Dodd, Rep. Morella, Arthur Levitt - Chairman Securities and Exchange Commission, Ken Mead - Inspector General U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Alfred Barkeley III President NASDAQ, Edward Kelly - Chairman U.S. Federal Reserve, William Curtis - Dept. of Defense, Jack Brock - GAO, George Munoz - Dept. of the Treasury, Etc...

-- Robert Adams (, August 28, 1998.

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