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I wanted to see what other people are saying when I got this message board weeks ago. I found something interesting, so many talking but few that are spending quality time preparing for this man-made situation. So far I have purchased a LP gen, a trailer, and removed money from the banking system. I have three sites to purchase all under $50,00 I just need to see and buy the one best suited for my families needs. As of tomorrow Aug 22,1998, I will refrain from discussing the "y2k" situation w/anyone. I have told my friends,family,and special people at Home Depot (where I work ) The things I need to get going on is important papers,documents and checks and balances. I have to say that I too have not spent quanity time in dealing w/ this situation, I'm going to do something for me and my family,not listen to others bawling. Good luck to you all,perhaps this system might get back up someday. And then we can talk about our summer/winter vacation w/ our families in 2,000 AD... Until the next time, I am Furie...

-- Furie Timmons (furieart@gte.net), August 21, 1998


Hi Furie- I think people are processing info - that really does take as much quality time as action sometimes. Can I make a personal plea? Please don't stop spreading the word, in whatever way you can, even if it's just by virtue of setting an example. No matter how strong our own instincts are to protect our own, we will be faced with so many people caught unprepared, and those vulnerable in our society who CAN'T prepare (elderly, poor, children, etc.) If even one family like that heeds your warning, you will have made a difference - and none of us want to watch the Holocaust of our neighbors starving if we can help even one, right?

Good luck with your property.

-- Melissa (finaned@forbin.com), August 26, 1998.

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