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After 15 years living in Alaska (where preparedness is routine) and actually trying many of the things necessary to live without the "modern" conveniences, I can say without reservation that there is one purchase you should put above all others (except personal protection, if you are so inclined).

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery Published by Sasquatch Books, 1008 Western Ave, Seattle WA (206)467-4300 ISBN 0-912-365-95-1 $24.95

- - - Get it NOW - - -

I have NO financial interest whatsoever in anything connected with the author, publisher, etc.

I DO have an interest in how well America survives.

If you think things may get worse than they are now, this is be the best money you can spend (again, excepting personal protection).

In our household it is referred to as "Carlas Bible". We refer to it continually.

ESPECIALLY if you have not done much lately in the area of growing food, preserving food, or just generally taking care of yourself without the help of supermarkets etc. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

God be with us all, and keep you powder dry.

-- Gary Hale (, August 21, 1998


I agree with Gary that this is a very important book to have. It may be difficult to find locally, but Amazon does carry it. Buy it and read it NOW and then use it for a reference later.

-- beckie (, August 21, 1998.

Amen and AMEN! Worth a thousand times more than the purchase price! I would suggest buying a copy for everyone on your 1999 Christmas list. We are.

-- Timothy Rebman (, August 21, 1998.

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