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This is what I see: The President shifting out responsibility to business and the States. The States shifting out responsibility to counties. Counties shifting out responsibility to cities and towns. Next the cities and towns will say it is the perview of the Red Cross and the churches. All our fearless leaders are right there when it is time to collect our money but nowhere to be seen when we need them. The money flows upward but the responsibility seems to flow continually downward. This is the biggest failure of leadership since the Vietnam war. I say, refuse to pay taxes until more action is taken. They can send a man to the moon but they can't stockpile food.

-- Amy Leone (, August 21, 1998


Amy the goverment does stock pile food remember Regan giving away bread and chesse rice from goverment surpluse. They buy the food from farmers to keep up prices and its put in storage

-- Steve M (, August 21, 1998.

At first, I was angry and disappointed in the lack of national leadership. Now, I've come to think we can probably do it better on a grassroots level anyway. We'll come away with new friendships and stronger communities, however it all comes down. But we do all need to roll up our sleeves and do our part, however we're each personally led to define that.

-- Faith Weaver (, August 21, 1998.

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