Una: Romeo's Girl?

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Philip and I once speculated that maybe Una was the daughter of Romeo Svengali from the second season episode, "War", or at least, the girl that is patted on the head by him, whatever their relationship may be. This could explain the uncanny resemblence between the girl and the older Una, and the appearance of the sword slash in Una's dream in Aeon's car on the way to Isthmus Crypticus. It's a meaningless speculation, but a fun one anyway. What does anyone else think?

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998


Interesting idea - the characters are drawn very similarly. I think it's something about the smile... Una is drawn like a Monican (Black Leather undies and all that) but she seems to act like more of a Breen. If she is related to Romeo that would make her a Monican for certain.

-- Charles Martin (charmaine@dfn.com), August 20, 1998.

I'm convinced she's Monican... the architecture in the area seems Monican, as do the kids that live there. And she does dress like a Monican. Even more evidence is that the guy that scares off the kids is supposed to be a Monican Enforcer, and also, Una looks up to Aeon, also a Monican Enforcer, as a role model.

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998.

I haven't watched that episode in a while, but now that I think of it, it does make sense. That Would explain why she saw the aeon/narric/serif-trev hold the sword in that dream (repressed memory of her father[?] perhaps?). I remember wondering why she would see a sword, but I just figured it was the stuff dreams are made of. A interesting connection. That went over my head and I've seen them both 7 or 8 times (and there on the same video too!). Any more thought on the matter?

-- Tak Loufer (Tak@loufer.bellona), August 20, 1998.

Well, this is a speculation with no backing whatsoever, but maybe Aeon is Una's mother? It's a blind jump but it just popped into my head once I realized this whole Una/Romeo thing. Then again... why would Una be having a sexual relationship with her mother?

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998.

Stimulating, but I doubt it. Una seems to be at least in her late teens and Aeon is @28(see herodious file[misspelled?]). If she is, she was a VERY young mother. Also Aeon doesn't seem to maternal to Una, its more like a big/little sister relationship, and I get the impression that Aeon and Una have only known each other for a reletivly short while. Creative concept though.

-- Tak Loufer (Tak@loufer.bellona), August 20, 1998.

Yeah, like I said, a blind jump. As for the age difference, one could simply blame it on the typical Chungian (?) disparities that exist elsewhere in the series. After all, if Aeon can die and come back, surely she can exist in an earlier time as well. She's like an eternal being that exists at all times in some form or another.

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998.

I believe you'r right. In the world of Aeon Flux, reality and linerity are convieniences meant to be changed at will. Continuety (misspelled-but im tired)is never used in the show (exept in Chronophasia-but Mr.Chung had nothing to do with that). Peter Chung doesn't want to force it into liner time. That way he allows himself more creative freedom. Which suits me fine.

-- Tak Loufer (Tak@loufer.bellona), August 20, 1998.

Me too :)

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998.

Hmm, maybe its all just a coincidence. Actually, and this is just my personal opinion and its probably wrong, but always thought the little girl was Aeon's Daughter. Whether Romeo was her father or not, I don't know, but if you look at the girl's hair, its startign to develope Aeon's familiar curve.

-- ChaosKnight (hellfire@surfshop.net), August 21, 1998.

Well... since we're all coming up with more and more elaporate theorys, I might as well continue the trend. What if the girl was Trevor and Aeon's love child? Not very likely you say? Oh well, it was worth a shot. :]

-- Tak Loufer (Tak@loufer.bellona), August 21, 1998.

Hmmm. My work here is done. :-)

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), August 21, 1998.

Well, That's what I thought when I first saw 'War' (That the little girl was Aeon's child, that is, the father of course reamins a mystery to me. Although I would have to say either Romeo (cos he seems to know her, the girl that is) or Trevor (y'know why), who, on another matter, does not appear in War, which seems very strange)

-- Szy (szy@antisocial.com), August 26, 1998.

I used to think Varsh was a young Trevor.

...or his son.

...or his father.

...or his brother.

I stopped thinking from then on. :-)

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), August 28, 1998.

I'm pretty sure that before the Mtv people got their paws on this episode there were several not-so-subtle implications that Aeon and Una had a..... more-than-friendly relationship. By the time it was aired it was pretty much toned down to Neric's remark about Una having a thing for "foriegn toungues". This pretty much eliminates the possiblitity of Aeon and Una being related. (doesn't it?)

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), September 28, 1998.

Well, the theory went...

If Aeon hadn't been killed by Varsh, then she may have been able to continue her mission, perhaps avoiding the invasion. As such, it's kinda her incompetence that allowed Romeo (Una's father) to be killed, so she would feel a debt to her. She can't explain to Una that she is her immortal mother who got her father killed then came back fom the dead, so she gets close to her in the only way she can.

That's how it would work if it were true.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cabeinet.co.uk), September 28, 1998.

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