3rd party RIP (PS 4.2) and CS 6000 , any problem?

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I'm currently using PS 4.2 to run my ColorSpan Displaymaker 6000. Please notice that only 0's follow the 6 in my printers model number. Tech support at ColorSpan and Onyx have both been a little suprised that this arrangement works. I have been running both the CS RipStation and a PS 4 Pro workstation together through a 4-port fast hub for months now with no problem. From PosterShop I commonly run my Displaymaker and a serial port connected Encad at the same time without any slowdown or head pause. I can still run jobs from the RipStation that came with the DM 6000. The hub does the switching from the two RIPs to the Displaymaker. Colorspan insisted that I owned a 6100 at first but I assured them otherwise. Later they admitted that they had not yet tested this configuration. The only problem I have experienced is that I must disable print spooling in the PS 4 Pro printer options or I get some errors (unable to get exclusive access to printer). This problem occured even with the printer connnected directly to my PS RIP only. Otherwise no problems. What is the reason for concern?

PS 4.2 Pro, Pent. 300, 128Mb RAM, NT 4.0 Workstation, 8GB HD, + extra Intel PRO 100 LAN adapter for VideoNet protocol.(also serial Encad Novajet III)

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1998


There should be no reason for concern. Your configuration should run just fine. To give a little background, when ColorSpan initially released the DisplayMaker series printer, the x000 series was intended solely for the ColorSpan RIP, the x100 series was intended for OEM RIPS, and the x200 series has an embedded PostScript RIP which was not intended to be used with an external RIP. ColorSpan has expressed concern because there are not very many OEM RIPS using the x000 or x200 series printers, and because there has not been much testing done when using these printers with OEM RIPS. But, they should work just fine. They would have slightly different modifications in both hardware and software, but as long as the OEM RIP has access to the general features of the printer, images should print without a hitch. This may change in the future if ColorSpan decides to create a password protected interface to the x000 and x200 series printers. The only concern I have for you is if they do this, PosterShop and other OEM RIPS will not work for you if you upgrade.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 1998

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