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Hi, again fellow listees! I have a T90 and am thinking of buying an EOS, too. Will the macro ring ML 2 work with EOS? Or, will the ML 3 (for EOS) be backwards compatible with the T90? Are there adapters/step rings that can make either situation work, or any sense out of Canon's Big Change?


Nikki P. original owner AE1 newbie T90

-- Nikki Pedersen (, August 19, 1998


I have been assured by my local camera store that the ML3 is fully operational with the T90. Don't know what adapter rings would be needed, or if it goes the other way with the ML2 and the EOS line.

The 60T3 remote release for the EOS line is also the one to use for the T90.


-- John (, August 22, 1998.

For what it's worth: I have an ElanIIe and 380ex. I also picked up a T90. Since the T90 came with a 50mm lens, I decided to put it to good use and put the 380 flash on it.

In a nutshell, it is my understanding that the T90 uses the same flash systems that most older EOS cameras use and any EOS flash will work with the T90 in "A" flash mode, just as it would with an A2 for example. This applies to the ML3.

-- Matt Swope (, August 30, 1998.

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