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Try this... Create a 4 color gray file in Illustrator or any Graphics program. 50%C 50%Y 50%M 50%K. Save as eps or tif. Open in PosterShop 4.0...sample point with default ICC profile on and notice no black. Turn off profiles and the file returns to 4 color gray. Why is this happining?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1998


check your black generation profile, it's probably set with a bias towards cmy black

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1998

Reply to Try This

If you have a CMYK file and open it on PosterShop 4, by default it won't change the values because by default, ICC profiles are not turned on for CMYK data.

However, when you turn ICC profiles on, it routes the values through the input profile and then through the output profile. ICC profiles have a built-in GCR curve. For most of Onyx default profiles, the GCR curves results in 3-color blacks until around 80-90 percent. This gives color images a tighter, better look because there's no K ink used in light areas where it is perceived as "pepper."

For your gray CMYK image, just turn off the ICC profile if you want K at 50%, or use Profile Tweaker to change the CGR curve in the ICC profile.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 1998

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