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Has everybody downloaded Night yet? If you want it, you better download it quickly. Because "Operation Terminus" has released with Night on it, I will be removing the avi from Disrecognized Space. I only provided it because it was not on any of the videos, and now that it is available, I must remove Night from my site. Download it at Disrecognized Space now ( before its too late.

-- ChaosKnight (, August 17, 1998


Careful CK, you're close to becoming a concerned and responsible citizen. :-)

-- Philip Mills (, August 18, 1998.

Naw, that could never happen, unless the local law enforcement finds out about my Still (nothing like some Moonshine Fueled Mayhem.) But it is the responsible thing to do, not from a morally correct viewpoint, hell no, its a good way to avoid a lawsuit from Mtv Home Video over lost sales.

-- ChaosKnight (, August 18, 1998.

Well this is just Dandy!.... either the site is too crowded or my computer's fucked. either way i can't download night. no point in telling you this other than to share my missfortune. Don't feel too Sorry though. I already ordered Operation terminus but it won't come in the mail for a whole month =(

-- Tak Loufer (Tak@loufer.bellona), August 18, 1998.

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