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There is a frustrating , nay , downright enfuriating practice that some people engage in quite blithely and WITHOUT careful thought .

it is the act of attempting to dredge from memory what one had wanted to say , and then replying when one is unable to access the memory , "Oh well it must not have been inportant ".

That is a stupid and infinitely contemptible act of resignation that deserves to be denounced with vehemence .

Resignation is always wrong as are appeals to resignation .

i would urge all people who visit this website to exhort others who make utterances of the , "Oh well , must not have been important" variety, to STOP doing so and instead dwell on the thought with intensity , in hopes of finding it ..

-- Jay (, August 17, 1998


re: Yes, it must have been important

I have spent hours trying to remember very stubborn bits of data. That is the extreme though. I have never used that phrase, I don't know why.

something I find annoying is the response of "whatever" to what I would see as a meaningful idea.

some people just aren't that fun to talk to.

-- arden (a@b.c), August 20, 1998.

Lost bits of data

Arden , i agree that the people who say "whatever" to those obscure searchings after lost bits of data that one tries to retrieve from memory [when one tries to speak as to remember ] are a nuisance .

i have christened those people who say "whatever" to such attempts at recall [with infinite disdain ] the "whatever" people .

-- Jay (, September 03, 1998.


you related to Tim then?


-- sy (, September 04, 1998.

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