Which 1.5x teleconverter for FD 80-200 f4 L lens

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I recently purchased an 80-200 Canon FD f4 L lense for my F1-N. If possible, I'd like to use a 1.5x tele-extender to extend the range of the lense to 300mm. I expect some decrease in optical quality but would like to limit this loss to 10% at most. I don't believe Canon makes such a tele-extender for this lense. Has anyone tried another brand 1.5x tele-extender with good results? Details involving both good and bad experiences would be appreciated.

-- Greg Illig (illig@ibm.net), August 15, 1998


Greg, I've been looking at this "L" type zoom lens for my T90. The only information I have w.r.t extenders is that Canon make a FD 1.4X- A, FD 2X-A and a FD 2X-B. Unfortunately, the first two are only suitable for Telephotos lenses 300mm or greater. However, it appears that the FD 2X-B is suitable for lenses with focal length shorter than 300mm and includes zoom lenses with 200mm within their range. Sacrifice is 2 f/stops for this double power extender. Hope you still watch this site (a full year later). Regards........

-- Garnet Cook (garnet_cook@one.net), September 01, 1999.

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