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You will have to accept that I am aware of the y2k problem. I have been fanatical in my wife's eye of the pursuit for truth. The utility infrastructure is my greatest concern because I live in Calgary. Winter can be brutal. I seek confirmation of my beliefs that are largely formed on the net. Anyhow, my next door neighbour at work supplies controls to the oil patch. Yesterday we talked for 2 hours and I would like to share with you some of his thoughts vis a vis gas delivery. It is his expert opinion that in Alberta,the natural gas will flow. If by any chance, they have missed an embedded chip, then that section of transmission can be operated manually. So in all this bad news we read, that gives me some hope. On electricity, he wasn't so sure, but his engineering/computer background told him that there could be some problems. He definitely thought a generator was good to have regardless of y2k. Does anyone else out there have any positive views (hope) founded on some facts that our utilities (except electricity to some extent) will function in 2000?

-- Rick Reilly (, August 13, 1998


If embedded chips on the Canadaian gas lines have been checked out and tested, then what about from the Canadian border south? There are distribution stations all over the place. Are they compliant. The news I am hearing is that they are not, but they (utilities) are working on it.

-- bardou (, August 13, 1998.

I would presume that the U.S. gas lines would be compliant because my engineer friend told me that the technology was mainly supplied by one vendor and they are compliant. Frankly he was appalled at the money being spent and the number of people making a good deal of money painting doomsday scenarios. Calgary has unbelievable software expertise which in the end may be our undoing, but this is also a city which pulls together. It is very entrepreneurial which gives me some solace, but generally I find people to be uninformed. I have personally emailed our political leaders but no one wants to touch the issue. To think that our country could be immersed in a survival mode in the middle of winter, simply blows me away. Not one Canadian leader has issued any message whatsoever on the y2k.

-- Rick Reilly (, August 13, 1998.

Hi Rick...check out the following URL:

-- Pastor Chris (, August 13, 1998.

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