Who is Rush Limbaugh ?

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I question who is "Rush Limbaugh"? Probably another Govt,paid disinfromationist telling people what he has been told to tell them. He reminds me of those UFO speakers who have documentation,but it's been photo copied at least a thousand times. My question to Rush,would be... Rush, where would you have been on the Titanic ??? Certainly not on the Bow !!!

-- Furie Timmons (furieart@gte.net), August 12, 1998


At least he backs up everything he says with documentation. He uses the media to show obsurdity.

-- listener (itchyears@aol.com), August 13, 1998.

Where would Rush have been on the Titanic? Probably at the buffet!

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), August 13, 1998.

Duas tantum res anxius optat, Panem et circenses. The people long eagerly for two things - Bread and circuses. Juvenal (c.60-140A.D., Roman rhetorician, satirical poet)

Rush Limbaugh: Bread or circus? Not a tough multiple choice question, eh?

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), August 13, 1998.

Rush Limblah (blah, blah) is a moderately popular entertainer who frequently pretends to be a serious political commentator. At least he seems to take himself seriously, as do a certain number of his listeners. Whether or not he is a paid mouthpiece, or who is picking up the tab, I don't know. He is a symptom of the sort of mentality that scrutinizes presidential conduct with female interns while ignoring blatant campaign finance irregularities and other such activities with far more serious implications.


-- Polly Tishin (2conservative4rush@gkhan.com), August 13, 1998.

Can't call him fat anymore, he has lost 75 lbs! Haven't you seen him lately? Like another man we all know that's been in the media lately, he's addicted to sex, that's all he talks about.

-- listener (itchyears@aol.com), August 14, 1998.

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