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It seems as though the US treasury is printing and stocking up on US currency, specifically $100.00 bills in preparation for runs on US banks. This article from Tech Week aslo sheds a lot of light on the recent Wall St. tests. Go to: If some of you thought I was depressed before, you should see me now. It' like living in a Bananna Republic: El presidente needs more money. Go print some up!

-- Bill Solorzano (, August 12, 1998


There's a misspelling in the URL. The correct one is:

-- Melinda Gierisch (, August 12, 1998.


Thank you so much for correcting the url I posted. Very kind of you.

-- Bill Solorzano (, August 12, 1998.

It would seem most practical and feasible to take the cash out of your bank account, and buy postal money orders in advance for your bills that come due for a fixed amount, and a fixed date.

Negotiaition about future debts and payments is also recommended

-- David Wallace (, August 13, 1998.

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