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I am starting research on a second book, specifically aimed at 'Community strategies and survival techniques'

This book will be aimed at the individual and local community members, and hopefully will offer practical suggestions and community based strategies for spreading awareness and preparation techniques for emergency situations (specifically Y2K / Euro induced)

If you have any ideas / or tried and true preparation strategies for survival in the face of emergency situations that can be incorporated into Y2K worst case expectations. Then I would like to hear from you.

If you dont mind having your name and suggestions included in the book then e-mail me your ideas; if you would prefer to remain anonymous then mention that with your letter.

This book is not intended as a personal gain exercise, but rather an attempt to get people to take the Y2K / Euro bug issues seriously, to spread awareness and to offer practical guidelines for the individual and community members to follow, or to use as a base in formulating their own strategies.

My area of professional expertise if you need proof of my credentials to undertake this project are in the Social Sciences, which includes - Grief and loss, family and adolescent counseling and therapy, community education and training program development and implementation, Group work and mediation process, Strategic planing and research analysis, Personal computer business management consultation and training, and Homeopathic / Naturopathic medicine. Regards Timothy J Wilbur

Beyond 2000 awareness project timkaz@nor.com.au

-- Timothy J Wilbur (timkaz@nor.com.au), August 11, 1998


We are the only wilderness school that I know of that is teaching y2k preparedness and survival techniques. Please see our web page for further information: http://members.home.net/shadow-scout/ It is our hope to be able to teach community leaders survival skills and that they in turn will teach their own groups. Contact us for more information as to how we can help you and yours.

-- Susan Conniry (mconniry@mail.gcccd.cc.ca.us), August 18, 1998.

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