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Islam, I wish to thank all the Moors for posting some of my materials relating to the MSTA on the web (especially the Circle Seven -- three versions so far!) Moors can help me and themselves by ordering three new books I recently printed: 1) Islam in America by Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb (he was the first so-called White convert to Islam in America). This work tells how he became Muslims and of his attempts to spread islam in America. Peter L. Wilson mentions it in his Sacred Drift. 2) al-Islam the True Faith, the Religion of Humanity by Sheikh Daoud Ahmed Faisel Bey (a Moor that became an Orthodox Muslim after Prophet Noble Drew Ali's passing). This si a selection of his writings. and finally 3) Bilai Muhammad: Muslim Jurisprudist in Antebellum Georgia. This is about a Muslim from Timbu, Guinea held in slavery on SDapelo Island Georgia who write a book on Islamic Law in Arabic while in slavery! (Also mentioned in Sacred Drift) If Moors order all three I will not charge postage! Webb $6 Daoud $4 Bilai $3 [$13 total] Indidvidual books add $2 postage each. I just met Sheikh Rafi Sharif Bey in Baltimore. He is a credit to the Moors and I wish him all the best for now and the future. By the way, how can I reach Ali Yezid? Brother rafi said he could email me Walid al-Taha's 100 Seeds. Keep the faith in the Moorish Cause and Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Peace, Ahari El

-- Ahari El (, August 11, 1998

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