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Any advice on choosing between Rodenstock's APO Sironar-S and -N for the 210/5.6 focal length? I do mostly landscape, but would like to eventually learn portrait work and basic architectural work. I currently have only the Schneider 110/5.6 XL. Many thanks.

-- John Costo (, August 11, 1998


What format? If you're shooting 4x5, you've got tons of coverage with the N version. I believe the N version covers 5x7, a bit more from the S. I have the Sinar labeled N, and it's been very nice. Coverage has never been a concern for landscape, portrait, and still life.

-- mike rosenlof (, August 11, 1998.

I have the Sironar S 210, and use it for 5x4" work. The quality is amazingly good, and I've never run out of coverage - it seems you can shift, swing and tilt all you want, and not worry about vignetting.

The Sironar S has more coverage than the N, and (from what I can read in the brochure) is a better quality - useable to the edge of the image circle, and an optimum aperture of f16. The S is constructed from better quality glass.

The first time I used it (after only having a cheapo 150mm lens) I couldn't believe how crisp and colourful my transparencies were.

-- David Nash (, August 22, 1998.

I have been using the Sironar-S for more than a year and am very happy with it. I copied artwork with it. The detail and crispness is incredible.

-- richard wong (, August 24, 1998.

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