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I've been considering purchasing an Aero Technica, probably used, but have found very little information. Almost no one carries it new, though I'm sure that they would be happy to order it. The Linhof's web site is rather un-informative. Pretty much all I know that the 4x5 is supposed to use 126mm roll film and does not offer the high speed rotating shutter that the 6x9 AeroTronca has. Does anyone have any information, experience or feedback they could supply?

I was thinking of shooting some cityscape pictures for a personal project where the ability to hand hold and compose quickly via range finder would be a plus, as well as the ability to take several shots in quick succession. I could do all of the above easly with a MF system, or 35mm, but why not try using LF if the tool exists?



-- Alex Lee (, August 10, 1998


The Aero Technika comes standard with the Technika 45 back. As an option it is available with either a 5" 126mm vacuum roll back or with a 70mm roll back. Both take 50' of film using (on the 45) a version of the NATO Standard spool. The camera accepts 4 lenses, 90mm 5.6, 150mm, 180mm and 250mm all 5.6. Shutter speeds are 1/15 to 1/500 and the motorized back will shoot as fast as 1fps. Each lens is supplied in a breech lock mount which has an led that indicates when it is ready to fire.

If you would like more detailed information, a brochure or talk in person you can reach me at 973 808-9010 x15. As I am leaving shortly for Photokina you will best reach me this week or after the 23rd.

You should be aware that Linhof will introduce their new owner/Managing Director at Photokina and that effective 10/1/98 will alter their current product range. This will include discontinuing some camera and introducing a new one at the show.

For the latest statud on either the Aero technika or the Aerotronica you should contact me after the show.

Hope t

-- Bob Salomon (, September 09, 1998.

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